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Work/Life Balance: A Dream Come True or an Illusion

It takes Herculean effort to reach the peak of perfection in any area of life and continuous effort to remain there. That is also true for maintaining a work-life balance both as a freelancer and as an employer. For a life lived in harmony is the key to every career development and creativity.

Before we take you into the maze of how to achieve a sort of balance in today’s hectic work schedule and the ever-competitive sphere of doing more and gaining more, there must come an acceptance. There is no perfect work-life balance or consistency of events in and out of office. There, we said it! Now you can decide not to further with this read OR find out a whole new mindset that would not replace, but transcend your work-life flow.

If you’re keeping up with reading it means that you have already put out the fear of instability and uncertainty away for a change. For every day, you must expend some effort in refreshing yourself through the ways of working efficiently, while maintaining a healthy dose of sanity through the challenges of life. 

So, let’s go through two lodestars with which you can track your way through the oceans of work duties and life responsibilities. Since it’s best to keep your mind at the shore and your abilities on the wave flow of the world.

practicing harmony in work life balance

Practice harmony 

Remember rule number one; acceptance? Then, it’s time to accept that the concept of work/life balance is an illusion. But that’s a good thing since it takes away the shadow of its ambiguity in whether or not there is a way for a perfect balance between your job and personal life. Which by the way, is a wrong thing to strive for. 

If you approach this concept with the ability to let work end so you can have a life outside of that work, there may come forces that take over your life counterbalance.  

The reason for calling this balance discountable is the assumption of equality between work and life. To say that there are only two parts; work and life, and that they are completely static. Have you experienced that sometimes life gets a little more invasive? That’s because there is a play between these two that makes the notion of work/life balance perfectly nonsense. And it can go in another way, sometimes work takes over your life and devours all your thinking thoughts.

So, instead of striving for a balance, be willing to practice healthy and sane work/life harmony where all the pieces work together the way they are supposed to. After all, the equilibration for work and life is not something that we can attain as a perfect balance. At some point, one will get the center stage. That’s when the much bigger question comes in mind “how to achieve harmony?”

Be mindfully present 

There’s this term called “burnout” you probably have heard of or even used at your job site as a worker. We like to describe it as a feeling when you are expended for a prolonged period to the point where you don’t see a window for recovery, and even the light in the tunnel is probably a train. The feeling when you desperately chew yourself up to remain afloat but come up short. Of course, there are always internal and external pressures that we battle with from time to time, but the keynote is to not let those forces dictate your actions and drive you to continually achieve or please others. That is when you experience a work/life imbalance in an attempt for perfection.

Being mindfully present is what keeps your mind away from actively thinking based on your fears and anxieties. And there is no other activity that will reward you as richly as the daily self-observation of your work. Even if you feel a sense of failure, acknowledge your negative feelings of not being on top of your work/life balance and be lifted back.

The concept of celebrating failure might seem oxymoronic and counterintuitive, yet we often learn more from the times we fail than the times we succeed. Failure is often when we experience the most growth and more resilience for keeping up with challenges.

So, there it was, the few things which would help whenever the thought of getting stuck at work or not making time for quality time with your loved ones come to make you feel less of a winner. As we at “Win A Talent” strive for winning your talents to take care of your job needs. As a new generation of freelancing platforms, we focus on customized and deliverable work done in harmony with your description. Whether you want to keep up with the workloads at the office or build a tech team for developing your next idea.

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