Best Programming Languages to Learn

Top 15 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2023

Programming language is one of the hidden features of every software, website and digital application we use daily. Nowadays, computers and digital technology have found their place in every industry and becoming a major part of it. Developing programming skills and mastering all programming languages are among the most important skills we can have in the future.

There are many programming languages used in designing and building websites, various applications and other tasks. These languages are popular in their places and use, and many programmers use them. The question arises regarding which programming languages are most suitable for starting this career and which should be learned in 2023.

In this article, we will introduce 15 programming languages that are in the category of best programming languages to start with. Each of these programming languages has both pros and cons, but each is used for specific purposes. Before learning promising programming languages, you must decide which field you are most interested in.

Best programming languages to learn

Choosing the best programming languages is a challenging task because various factors are involved in this choice. The first issue that makes it challenging to choose the best programming languages is their large number. How many programming languages are there?

Today, various sources report anywhere from 250 to 2,500 coding languages, although far fewer rank as top contenders in the commonly used group.

Another challenge is that many programming languages are created for a specific purpose, and the things that can be done with them are limited and varied. For example, JavaScript is mainly used in web development (front-end and back-end). Or the Swift language is only used for iOS programming (creating applications for Apple devices).

On the other hand, programming languages like Python and Java are general-purpose. It means you can do different things with them. For example, Python can be used in web programming, smartphone application development, intelligent robot design (robotics), data science, etc.

The fact that each programming language has a different scope of application, and some are single-purpose, and others are all-purpose, is very influential in choosing the best programming languages. Some fields of programming are more popular and more demanding than others. For example, web development is one of the most common programming fields with a large scope.

Therefore, web programming is one of the main reasons for choosing JavaScript as one of the best programming languages in the world. For example, Python’s universality and the possibility of using it in various applications have a significant impact on choosing it as the best programming language. However, the simplicity of this language, followed by the possibility of learning Python quickly, is another critical factor. Considering everything we have mentioned, we will name the best programming languages in 2023.

1- Python

Best Programming Languages to Learn

Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level, and high-performance programming language. The built-in and ready-made data structure of this programming language places it as the best programming language for software development. Its simple writing style, as well as its compatibility with various operating systems, make it a widely used language. Python’s simple and easy-to-learn method emphasizes readability, and therefore, the cost of maintaining programs coded with it is also reduced. Python supports out-of-the-box modules and packages, making code reuse easy. Its extensive and standard library is open source for all major operating systems, and all programmers can use it.

Programmers love Python for its high productivity. Since Python coding does not edit, the cycle of editing, testing and fixing bugs is done very quickly.

2- JavaScript

Best Programming Languages to Learn

Programming languages such as JavaScript are popular for web development. As well as HTML and CSS, JavaScript contributed to the creation of the Internet. Nearly 97% of websites on the client side use JavaScript programming language. However, with various frameworks in recent years, JavaScript can be used on the server side (back-end).

JavaScript is a scripting language used in web development and enhances HTML pages. JavaScript code can be embedded within HTML code. This language is considered an interpreted programming language, and there is no need to compile its code.

The main use of JavaScript is in front-end programming. A front-end developer who needs to run their web application on multiple devices (smartphones, cloud, containers, microcontrollers and hundreds of different browsers) should use JavaScript.

3- Java

Best Programming Languages to Learn

Java is an object-oriented and class-based programming language created by James Gosling in 1995. Java is one of the most widely used back-end languages for web development and has rich libraries. With Java, a back-end developer can handle huge amounts of data, which is highly secure.

Next to C++, Java is one of the best choices for software development. Because it doesn’t require many dependencies by design, it is the most cross-platform compatible of all programming languages. As such, learning how to code in Java means you will only spend a little bit of time worrying about what systems your application will run on. As one of the first object-oriented programming languages, it also embraces all the good points of this data modelling system, which means that by learning it, you’ll have a good understanding of OOP computer programming in general.

Aside from software, learning Java is a big help if you want to develop for mobile, especially for Android. The Android operating system’s user interface is coded in Java, so if you choose that route, you can expect high levels of compatibility for mobile app development.

As one of the oldest programming languages on the list, Java is quite stable in the development industry. Next to Python, Java developers command the highest salaries, although specialization can increase your salary potential. With Java, you can develop software and become an Android developer or more, so learning this programming language offers you great opportunities.

4- #C

Best Programming Languages to Learn

C# is an object-oriented programming language (a model that organizes software design around an object). This programming language can also be considered the best programming language, like Python, because it has fast performance and enhanced stability. Learning this programming language is easier than its predecessors, C and C++. C# has a simple syntax and a well-defined class hierarchy. C# is currently compatible with both Windows and Mac, which makes it the best programming language for developing and building desktop applications.

Programmers can use C# in various mobile and enterprise software environments. It is possible to build Android and iOS applications and develop 2D and 3D games in the Unity game engine using this language.

Demand for hiring C# programmers is also high, and many web development companies are constantly looking for talented and expert C# programmers. The best job opportunities for this category of programmers are software engineering and game and mobile application development.

5- R

Best Programming Languages to Learn

R is one of the best functional programming languages for data analysis and visualization. This language is very popular among scientists, statisticians and other academics. The R language is derived from an older language called S and was developed in the early 90s at Auckland University in New Zealand. The language has grown a lot since then and now supports object-oriented programming (which is critical for machine learning).

R’s popularity among statisticians largely explains why machine-learning workers are interested in the language. One of the main strengths of R is the large number of user-developed extension packages that allow users to use specialized statistical techniques. Currently, there are more than 15,000 packages in the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN).

Machine learning uses R as a complementary tool in addition to other programming languages. However, R alone is also suitable for sentiment analysis. R is commonly used in bioengineering (designing and testing medical devices), bioinformatics (studying large amounts of biological data), and ecology. But it is also suitable for statistically heavy machine-learning processes.

6- Kotlin

Best Programming Languages to Learn

Kotlin was created as an alternative to Java. This language is designed to reduce Java’s flaws and make programs simpler and shorter. Many people refer to Kotlin as “an advanced Java version”.

Kotlin is one of the best mobile programming languages widely used to write modern Android applications. It is predicted to replace Java soon and become the most widely used language for writing Android applications.

Many Android apps are written in Kotlin. Pinterest, Trello, Evernote and Coursera are among them.

There are less complexity and readability issues with Kotlin than with Java. For comparison, Kotlin code contains fewer lines than Java code for a similar program. So another developer can understand more easily.

In addition, this language is directly supported by Google and can be used in Android Studio and other Android development environments.

The disadvantages of this language are the same as those of others. Even though it is a derivative of the Java language and has been tried to be less complex than Java, it still needs to be considered a complicated language. In addition, because it is a relatively new language, its learning resources are relatively few.

7- GO

Best Programming Languages to Learn

Google Design designed a simple, high-performance language with excellent memory safety. The GO programming language is easy to learn and provides fast performance for the programmer. These advantages make this language a popular choice for system programming. GO programming language is a suitable alternative to high-performance programming languages such as Java in line with network and infrastructure needs. GO programming language is used for web-side programming, cloud computing, network tools, DevOps, and other applications. Companies like Twitch, Uber, Dropbox and Google use this language. This language is considered one of the best programming languages in 2023.

8- PHP

Best Programming Languages to Learn

PHP is a scripting language that appeared in 1995. This language was created for web development and allows users to access any web page with a web browser. This programming language also has common modern principles, such as object-oriented models.

As mentioned, the language was designed with web development in mind. In this case, whether front-end or back-end, the web development industry uses PHP to create web pages and generally provide website functionality. However, PHP is used mainly in the back-end aspects of the web.

If you plan to have a robust website, learning to code with PHP can give you the robust support you need to add additional functionality. This includes connecting to your database. Moreover, PHP is considered a very friendly language for beginners to learn coding.

9- C++

Best Programming Languages to Learn

The C++ language was created as an extension of the C language. Designed by Bjarne Stroustrup, it combines C’s efficiency and advanced features (C is a relatively low-level language) with some aspects of object-oriented programming, such as classes. Consequently, it is often considered somewhere between low-level and high-level programming languages since it uses features from both.

Developers can easily implement C++ to create desktop applications and adapt them to web servers, etc. Among the popular languages, this programming language is very widely used; that’s why there are many learning resources, and it has high community support. By learning this programming language, you can create different projects and become a professional developer. This development can be software development, web development or game development.


Best Programming Languages to Learn

Many industries use MATLAB to analyze data. As well as being widely used in computer vision, it can also be used to process images.

A wide range of applications can be performed with MATLAB, including deep learning and machine learning, signal processing and communications, image and video processing, control systems, test and measurement, computational finance, and biotechnology.

11- Rust

Best Programming Languages to Learn

Many reputable companies worldwide, such as Dropbox, Cloudflare, Firefox and many others, looked for a reliable programming language. In 2022, the RUST programming language was introduced. This programming language is considered a multi-paradigm language, more powerful than C++ in security and processing. Big companies like Meta, Amazon and Microsoft use Rust for data processing.

12- TypeScript

Best Programming Languages to Learn

The Typescript programming language, launched in 2012, is an open-source, strongly typed, object-oriented programming language with a syntax superset of JavaScript, which allows for tighter integration with editors. If you are looking for the answer to the question “How to Become a Full-Stack Developer?” You must have seen that one of the most essential things in becoming a full-stack developer is learning TypeScript.

Microsoft developed this programming language and has a large community that actively collaborates to improve the language and its tools. Unlike JavaScript, Typescript has different types that make it easier to control variables and function parameters. Typescript enables IDEs to provide a richer environment for identifying and correcting common errors when testing code.

Typescript translates code into JavaScript and can be run anywhere JavaScript is run. You can also incrementally translate JavaScript to TypeScript file-by-file to implement type safety across the entire codebase.

13- SQL

Best Programming Languages to Learn

When we talk about SQL, everyone remembers the database, a skill every programmer should know. Recently, SQL provided a programming language for creating tables, storing data, etc. Big companies like Microsoft use this language for data analysis.

14- Swift

Best Programming Languages to Learn

Swift is one of the flow-generating programming languages used in mobile app development environments. This open-source programming language is specially designed to work with the iOS (iPhone and iPad), OS X (Macbook) and tvOS (Apple TV) operating systems.

Swift is a safe and flexible language. Famous applications designed with this language include Lyft (a foreign internet taxi) and LinkedIn.

Since this language is mainly used for writing iOS applications, many compare it with Objective C. Compared to Objective C, it is a simpler language with fewer bugs. However, it must still be considered a novel and fresh language and cannot be counted on for heavy app design.

15- Objective C

Best Programming Languages to Learn

Objective-C is an extended version of the C programming language. Therefore, it is a multipurpose and object-oriented language. Objective C is used to develop Mac and iOS apps.

It is easy to learn Objective C. IOS developers commonly use this language. Because of this, it is considered one of the best programming languages. But Swift has some features Objective C does not, so many people prefer Swift. Also, like Java, it requires long lines of code to do the simplest tasks, which makes coding tedious and time-consuming.

Final thoughts

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to popular programming languages. Instead, the “right” programming language to learn should be the best language for your projects, goals, and personal tastes. It doesn’t matter what language you choose to learn coding, but a wonderful world of opportunities awaits you. With any programming language, you can create software, games, and mobile applications that change the world. Anyway, whatever language you choose, we hope this information will help you walk this path with more knowledge. It is helpful to learn more about programming if you want to start on this path. For more information, read “How to become a programmer”.

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