What is software engineering

Decoding Software Engineering: Understanding the Role and Responsibilities

To understand software engineering, we must first understand its nature, which is why we should discuss how products are produced. Manufacturers must follow rules, standards, and agreements when creating a product, and failure to do so will lead to many problems.

Suppose these standards and agreements did not exist, and each company produced its products based on its ideas and interests. What usually happens when manufacturing switches and sockets for electrical appliances? A world of electronics products, each designed for a job! In the past, electrical appliance manufacturers made sockets with 3 or 4 ports and common plugs that prevented consumers from using these appliances. Due to this, customers did not find such products appealing.

Agreements based on standards were created to create general coherence in production to benefit all producers and consumers. The same principles apply to software engineering and provide factors and processes for achieving a high-quality product.

What is software engineering?

To better understand terms such as software engineering, it is better to separate them from each other. Software and engineering are the two words that make up this term.

Essentially, the software is executable code. Software consists of executable codes, libraries, and documents related to them.

On the other hand, engineering refers to all topics about producing products using defined scientific principles and methods.

The IEEE Standards Institute defines software engineering as the use of a systematic and measurable method for developing, operating, and maintaining software.

Software engineering advantages

Software engineering aims to create functional, complete, and error-free software. As well as providing different models and solutions, software engineering provides methods for easy maintenance, repair, and development. Aside from the benefits listed above, it also brings other extraordinary benefits that we will discuss in more detail.

It reduces complexity

A significant software project is always complex and challenging. Software engineering is an excellent solution to reducing project complexity. Software engineering divides big problems into several smaller problems so that you can quickly solve each small issue. All these small problems are solved independently of each other.

Reduce the cost of software

Some software requires a lot of hardware, and this increases the cost of using it. Incorrect algorithms lead to millions of lines of code produced by software that requires a lot of human effort. Software engineers plan everything, reduce all the extras not needed, and finish the code in a fully optimized form.

In addition, mistakes caused by errors will cost time and money, increasing production costs. Software engineering reduces errors and provides scientific solutions, which reduces the cost of the people associated with the software.

Reduce time

The use of time for anything that doesn’t go according to plan is not always wise. It takes thousands of lines of code to create an executable file for large software. This process, from the beginning of the project to the last code, is very time consuming, and if not managed well, it can take a lot of time. Therefore, you will reduce a lot of wasted time if you prepare your software according to the software engineering approach.

What is software engineering

A more efficient way to execute large projects

Big projects are not built in a few days and need patience, planning and management. Software engineering involves planning, segmenting, dividing, testing, and maintaining software based on the separation of different parts and their simultaneous execution. Therefore, to manage large projects, companies must turn to software engineering.

Reliable software

Software must be reliable, meaning that it must work correctly for at least a specified period after being delivered to you by software engineers. And if software bugs exist, the software engineers solve them. Since software engineering provides testing and maintenance methods, there is no worry about software reliability.


In order to measure effectiveness, you must determine if the customer achieved the results they wanted. It is possible to achieve efficacy if the work is done according to standards. To improve software effectiveness, companies focus heavily on software standards.

Software engineering vs computer science

Two different fields of study, computer science and computer engineering, have attracted many people’s attention in recent years. The close relationship between computer science and computer engineering may cause some people to consider these two fields as one. At the same time, despite many doubts, they have deep differences.

In fact, computer science was formed before the invention of computers and when humans used algorithms to speed up calculations. Computer science is more related to mathematics, calculations and algorithms and is an intermediary between computers and mathematics. Studying and finding expertise in this field means finding the fastest, most practical, and accurate solution to solve problems.

Computer engineers’ skills are related to their specialized abilities as software engineers and computer hardware engineers. Software engineers need mental approaches when developing software. Software engineers solve complex problems by applying computer science software ideas. This is done by solving computer science contradictions. For example, to produce office automation software that implements all the systems of a large organization, including the accounting system, production, sales, warehousing, etc., it is necessary to use computer software engineer expertise.

Hardware engineers design, build, repair, and test computer equipment like chips, circuit boards, monitors, or routers. They must have analytical, creative, and problem-solving skills in designing or troubleshooting computer equipment and its components.

These items are the general duties and skills of two fields: computer science and computer engineering. Naturally, for any job opportunity in these fields, specialized abilities are needed.

Just like software engineering and computer science, there are differences between data engineering and software engineering. You can read about the differences between data engineer and software engineer in our previous articles.

Software engineering job description

Software engineers can be hired and work in various fields. This field’s most important areas of work are computer systems and information security analysis, web and software development, database management and computer programming.

Software engineers can work as cloud data engineers, data managers, software engineers, network security managers, etc. You can read more about data engineering in the article “What is data engineer?”.

Software engineers’ skills and duties are determined by the field of work in which they work. Software engineers are responsible for the following tasks.

  • Identifying the company’s software needs and planning to implement it according to the IT plans
  • Cooperation to identify services provided electronically and monitor their implementation
  • Software design, production, evaluation and maintenance
  • Examining the latest technologies in software and related systems
  • Defiance from various departments and follow-up to solve software problems
  • Training and installation of software systems with the coordination of the relevant unit
  • Compilation of documentation and guidance for users, executives and managers of software companies
  • Designing specialized databases for the relevant company and organization

Software engineering salary

The income and salary of software engineers vary according to the company in which they work. A person’s level of skill and ability is also essential. In general, a software engineer can obtain high job positions such as information technology manager in the relevant company. In order to gain this type of experience, he must increase the number of skills and expertise he requires in his position. In this case, he will get an excellent salary and income. Establishing an independent engineering company will also bring high income.

Software engineers in some countries, such as the United States, are in good condition. Consequently, this job is one of the most profitable in these countries. Of course, software engineers’ income in different countries also largely depends on their expertise and skill.

The countries where software engineers earn the most are:

United States$110,140
United Kingdom$55,275
The Netherlands$45,180
New Zealand$42,399

Software engineering job markets

Due to the advancement of technology and the entry of software into most areas of modern life, such as the Internet of Things, cars and many other things, a very bright future is ahead for software engineers. Engineers work in both small and large industries and organizations. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of software developers, quality assurance (QA) teams, software testers, etc., is expected to grow by 22% by 2030, much faster than the average for all IT jobs. Therefore, occupations like programming and software development have an excellent market, and you can consider these jobs for your future career. If you are interested in programming, you can learn about this job in the article “How to become a programmer“.

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