Reasons to Learn JavaScript

Top 10 Reasons to Learn JavaScript

The most common programming language that most programmers are familiar with is JavaScript. The JavaScript training set allows you to design web pages in the most beautiful way possible with HTML and CSS. The reason for choosing JavaScript over other languages for developing and launching web pages is obvious, but what makes it so special? In addition to website design, JavaScript can be used on other platforms. In addition, JavaScript is supported and executable in all browsers; therefore, this language has become one of the most popular programming languages.

JavaScript programming language has been chosen as the most popular language in a Stack Overflow survey for 10 years in a row. JavaScript is widely used in web programming today, and only a tiny percentage of websites do not use JavaScript. In this article, we will talk about JavaScript and the top 10 Reasons to Learn this programming language. But before anything else, it’s helpful to know how to program. To learn more about this topic, read our previous article, “How to Become a Programmer?“.

What is JavaScript?

In order to understand why we should learn JavaScript, we must first understand JavaScript. In addition to having many frameworks and libraries, JavaScript is a powerful programming language. This language has been added to Google browsers since 1995.

JavaScript language has many features; therefore, it has attracted many users. The use of this language has expanded so much that it can be used in almost all fields. These include music, artificial intelligence, application development, the Internet of Things, etc.

The emergence of react and react native libraries has made this language more popular among developers. Therefore, learning the JavaScript programming language has become very critical for programmers.

The role of the JS language in website design cannot be denied at all. It should be noted that all web browsers support this language. Therefore, programmers can use it easily. If you have yet to learn this language, don’t worry. You can learn it quickly on many websites for learning programming languages. You can use JavaScript quickly because it is a simple programming language with many attractive features.

What is the necessity of learning JavaScript?

Newbies who want to enter programming often wonder why programmers insist on learning JavaScript. You can do almost anything with JavaScript. This programming language is so powerful and practical that it is used in all fields, including website design, application design, mobile applications, etc. Additionally, we provide you with other significant reasons to make an informed decision.

1. JavaScript is free

Among the reasons we should learn JavaScript is that it is a free programming language. There is no need for heavy and expensive coding editors. In order to write or edit JavaScript code, you must place the code in a file ending in JS. Your web browser will handle the rest. At the same time, it is possible to diagnose (debug) JavaScript codes in a variety of browsers. As a result, you won’t need any additional programs.

Reasons to Learn JavaScript

2. JavaScript is always with you

The second reason to learn JavaScript is that it has many libraries and frameworks. Therefore, you can use it everywhere. The most famous and oldest JavaScript library is jQuery, which can be applied to design web pages’ front-end. Plus, you can learn the Vue framework. JS and React. JS or AngularJS to customize your pages better. You must have asked if these items are only used on the front-end, so what happens to them? JavaScript also provides attractive frameworks for the slow part. If you plan to work in the slow domain, you can choose two frameworks: Node. JS and Express. Create a JS account and enjoy your work.

3. The possibility of creating programs on the desktop

The third reason is that there are no restrictions on its use. JavaScript programming language is not limited to web applications. As we said, this language is very powerful and present almost everywhere. One of the most popular JavaScript frameworks is Electron. Electron allows developers to create desktop applications easily. For example, Visual Studio Code is Microsoft’s most popular IDE and is built on the Electron framework.

4. Making mobile apps

The fourth reason to learn JavaScript is to make mobile apps with it. By providing the React native framework, JavaScript has given programmers the opportunity to create all kinds of mobile applications. By learning this simple language, you can design the best Android or IOS mobile applications. You can also develop attractive games for all mobile phones.

5. Supports object orientation

Object orientation is one of programming’s attractive and popular features; it is based on objects. Object orientation makes programming easier and reduces code lines. In addition to its features, JavaScript supports object-oriented functionality. As a result, JavaScript is a compelling choice.

6. Good job opportunities

It is impossible to find a professional programmer who is unemployed! JavaScript has become very popular among developers due to its many features. JavaScript plays a role in almost all fields and helps programmers. In this regard, Jeff Atwood, the founder of the Stack Overflow website, said: “Whenever it is possible to write something with JavaScript, it will definitely be written with JavaScript!” Therefore, there is a high demand for JavaScript programming jobs right now, so you can apply for any job opportunities without hesitation.

7. JavaScript frameworks and libraries

Of course, for user-side programming, more is needed to learn JavaScript; numerous frameworks and libraries are used, such as the Vue, Angular and React frameworks. These are some of the main ones; of course, there are many libraries to speed up the work and make the project more beautiful, such as jQuery and many other things.

You must have seen websites with beautiful animated images. These animations are designed and implemented by learning the standard JavaScript codes for making animations and graphic and executive works. Due to the fact that web admins pay more attention to the front-end of websites, the need for JavaScript programmers is also increasing day by day. So, you must have understood as to why we should learn JavaScript.

Reasons to Learn JavaScript

8. Game development and game-making

There are so many things to do with browsers. As long as you are proficient in JavaScript and enjoy learning it, it is possible to become a computer game developer. By learning HTML5 and JS, you can make different games, from simple games to more advanced ones like 2048.

9. The world’s most popular programming language

This language is the most popular programming language in the world, and most developers know it. The reason for this is that when browsers were not as popular as today, JavaScript established its foothold in browser development.

10. Easy to learn JavaScript

Today, learning and mastering this language is one of the necessities of coding. Whenever you need help and guidance, turn to Stack Overflow and other websites. Remember that the most challenging step in learning a new subject is the first step. Many developers who have written successful programs with JavaScript have claimed after several years that they didn’t even know the simplest and most basic principles of JavaScript programming! In the past, this was not a problem for freelance JavaScript developers, and they continued to code despite not mastering this language.

Java and JavaScript are not the same!

In the field of programming, beginners often mistake Java and JavaScript for the same language, but the truth is quite different. JavaScript and Java differ greatly from each other. Since Android’s applications are developed in this language, Java has gained a strong position among programming languages. You can read the article “Java vs. JavaScript” for more information about the difference between Java and JavaScript.


In this article, we tried to examine the common question of programmers these days, i.e. why should we learn JavaScript? Let’s answer: JavaScript is a versatile programming language, and programmers can do almost anything with it. So, if you want to become a professional programmer, choose this language and get a significant income. What do you think? Is JavaScript mandatory for programmers? Does JavaScript’s current job market make it famous? Please leave your comments in the section below.

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