What is a React Developer?

What is a React Developer?

Since smartphones have become so popular today, applications for these phones are in high demand in all fields, so mastering the art of writing mobile applications can be extremely lucrative.

One of programmers’ dreams is to learn a programming language and write programs that run on different platforms. The first stable JavaScript library was published on GitHub by Facebook in 2013. Despite many efforts in this field, the first stable library was not released publicly until 2013. It surpassed Android and iOS in less than a year after its release. Today’s apps, including UberEats, Facebook, and Instagram, are JavaScript-based rather than Java/Kotlin or Objective-C/Swift.

One of the most popular open-source and free JavaScript libraries is React. Most people believe that React is the most popular JavaScript framework and library. You will find that React has many fans among companies and employers who want to hire react native developers with React skills. Due to this, react has a good job market compared to other JavaScript frameworks.

The purpose of this article is to discuss React developers. Last but not least, we will answer the question, what is a react developer? What is the best way to learn how to react quickly? To do this, we need to discuss the react programming language briefly. So, stay with us until the end.

What is React? Why do sites use React?

React is one of the most popular JavaScript language libraries, created in 2011 by Facebook and released in 2013. It is used to create user interfaces for various applications and the web. By using this library, programmers can attract a large audience and ultimately be ahead of their competitors.

Moreover, unlike react.js, which is perfect for developing web applications (web applications), React.JS supports cross-platform mobile application development. It allows you to write only a few lines of code to create an excellent user interface for mobile applications.

React developers must be proficient in JavaScript (JS), HTML, and CSS to perform their duties. With React, developers can create reusable components for the front end of their applications. This allows you to write web applications with minimal code as a programmer.

What are the duties of a React developer?

React developers have different job descriptions depending on their company or organization. However, there are some common tasks among them, such as:

  • Mastery of ReactJS
  • Mastery of ES6 and JavaScript
  • Sufficient knowledge of modern JavaScript frameworks, including React / React Native and Redux
  • Mastery of Git
  • Sufficient mastery of UI and UX
  • Experience working with Restful APIs
  • Mastering work with Redux and Thunk concepts and libraries
  • Experience working with GraphQL client-side frameworks
  • Experience working with React Native
  • Familiarity with the Android and iOS ecosystem
  • Familiarity with Version/Source Control tools

Additionally, it is important to mention that soft skills include problem-solving ability, teamwork spirit, and a desire to learn new technologies. But what are the reasons to use React?

What are the reasons to use React?

What is a React Developer?

There are countless open-source libraries and frameworks in the field of front-end development, and all of them offer extensive features to facilitate the development process and improve the user experience. In such a competition, react is still one of the most popular front-end libraries, and its outstanding features compared to other frameworks have made it one of the main technologies used by front-end developers. Here are some of the main benefits of React:

Easy to learn

React is easy to learn. So developers can jump into projects faster. This makes React a useful tool and affordable one. Any developer with basic JavaScript knowledge can build beautiful applications in React after a few days of training.

If you want to learn React, read our previous post, “What is a React developer course?”.

Component-based approach

The React framework lets you build websites using building blocks, components such as UI components, and even more complex features like stage management. With react’s component-based approach, developers can easily design and build professional mobile and web applications.

Native approach

As mentioned earlier, React Native’s extensive reusable code allows developers to build native apps easily. Once you understand the basic React architecture, you can develop fully functional apps for both Android and iOS. You won’t have to learn two different ways to develop your apps.

Efficiency and testability

React applications have excellent and easy testability. The React framework allows developers to inspect output as they execute events, functions, etc. It simplifies and enhances debugging. Additionally, the virtual DOM feature in React can improve site performance, especially those with larger and more dynamic user interfaces.

Unlike other frameworks, react has no container to solve dependency issues. It is, however, possible to overcome these problems by using modules like Require JS, ECMAScript 6, and Browserify that automatically inject dependencies.

Declarative nature

React’s declarative nature means code focuses on what is displayed rather than steps and processes. This feature enhances the developer experience. Improving developer experience is often overlooked, leading to an improved user experience.


The React library is small and can be downloaded quickly. Its easy configuration and code-splitting features will greatly improve user experience, especially for large projects. React can also optimize websites for SEO by improving their loading speed and overall performance, which is why search engines prioritize websites with faster loading speeds.


The modular nature of React code makes it easy to maintain and flexible. Therefore, using React increases applications’ scalability, and time and cost are reduced in the long run. Additionally, the extensive libraries developed by the React community allow developers to create excellent user interfaces.

Backward compatibility

Unlike many other frameworks or languages, react provides backward compatibility for developers. Backward compatibility is a crucial feature when choosing software. Updating or working with older software versions saves development time and prevents many problems.

With all these advantages of learning React, how to become a react developer?

How to become a React developer?

What is a React Developer?

Companies hire people with at least an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in computer science or related technology. To be able to work as a React developer in a company, you first need work experience or examples of projects you have completed. Therefore, if you have yet to gain experience in this field, we suggest you first serve as an intern in a company for a short time. This will enable you to gain practical work experience. However, before you can work as a React Native developer in an organization, you need to acquire a set of skills, the most critical of which are the following:

  • Experience programming React.JS for at least two years
  • Experience using Redux
  • Proficiency in CSS/HTML and SCSS or LESS and Flexbox Design
  • Familiarity with PHP
  • Proficiency in JavaScript and ECMAScript standards
  • Sufficient mastery and experience with React
  • Familiarity with TypeScript
  • Mastery of Webpack and Babel
  • Familiarity with testing frameworks such as Jest
  • Familiarity with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Familiarity with Sass
  • Familiarity with Client-Server architecture and RESTful API
  • Getting to know Git

In addition to the mentioned skills, some companies need more advanced skills, including the following:

  • Getting to know Server-Side Rendering
  • Getting to know Node.js and Express.js
  • Familiarity with CI/CD concepts
  • Familiarity with Docker, Kubernetes, and DevOps-related concepts
  • Familiar with Best Practices and Design Patterns

Reacts job market

In general, reacts popularity and usage are increasing day by day. Its unique features have led many companies to learn how to hire a react developer. This trend towards React is expected to continue, and in this case, a bright future can be imagined for React and its job market.

But it is better to check the average react developer salary worldwide to get a clear view of the current react job market.

The annual salary of a react programmer in the world

React programmers receive a relatively high salary. In the following, you can see an overview of react developers’ annual income in several countries.

  • USA: $94,432
  • England: $80,328
  • Netherlands: $93,650
  • Canada: $72,546
  • Switzerland: $127,011
  • France: $50,894

In advanced countries such as China, Germany, the United States, England, Switzerland, and Ukraine, there is a high demand for hiring react programmers, which includes high salaries.

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