Have you ever felt you were off your game because of bad weather? Or Has a lousy chair made you lose a debate? Maybe. But have you ever lost a race because you had to start far behind the competition? not really!! While we can call bad weather or a lousy chair terrible luck, starting behind is unfair!

Being born in some countries gives you first-hand experience of different starting points, as you are constantly reminded that there will be more limits to overcome, more problems to tackle and more crises to manage. This is where some talented players learn to run faster to compete!

That's our story. We have learned to run faster not only because we wanted to stay in the game but also because we wanted to win it!

As we are living in the most uncertain time we know the global market is constantly dealing with crises of all kinds. To live and grow businesses are seeking innovative challenge takers, natural problem solvers, talents who are familiar with constant change and will not surrender in difficult times.

So we created WINaTALENT to fill the gap! We started acquiring like-minded talents in the tech industry in various domains of expertise from diverse backgrounds, and by assessing them technically, we made sure they were ready to compete! In 2020, we gathered +30000 brilliant people in our talent pool and teamed up for providing sustainable tailored hiring solutions.

And since then, we have provided exceptional talents for tech companies worldwide. As we know how it feels to win no matter what, we are helping out everybody to win!