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Frequently Asked Questions

WINaTALENT is an online freelancing platform that connects top talent developers to international IT projects. We use different methods and different services to make this happen. Here, we are going to answer some frequently asked questions about our platform.

Editing and Job Cancellation
Get Started
How Does the Platform Work?

WINaTALENT is an online IT and software development freelancing platform. As a client, you can post your projects on this platform for free and receive proposals from WINaTALENT’s talent freelancers for your projects. After evaluating the candidates, you can entrust your project to the talent in the platform, using our Safe Payment method.

Who Are These Talents?

Our talents are mostly from Western Asia and Eastern Europe. The individuals from these areas have less access to the international freelancing and outsourcing talent market, therefore, rates are quite compatible and the quality of work is quite high. Read more on Our Story.

How Do We Make Sure of Our Talent’s Capability?

Our talented individuals go through a two-step verification process on our platform: 1. The Technical Evaluation: We would want to make sure our talents’ CVs demonstrate at least one year of relatable work experience in the fields they are going to work on our platform. 2. The English Language Evaluation: We need to make sure our talented individuals have sufficient knowledge of the English language to easily communicate with the clients.

What Types of Projects Are Available on WINaTALENT?

Currently, all projects from software and IT fields can be entrusted to WINaTALENT’s talents.

Define a Project
What is the Process of Defining a Project on the Platform?

As a client, you can sign up for free and define a project on WINaTALENT. Our team will verify your project in a few minutes and afterward, the project will be available for all the talents on the platform, and the bidding process begins.

How Many Types of Projects Can a Client Put on WINaTALENT? What are They?

Our clients can define three types of projects based on their project’s timeline and their needs: 1- Monthly Projects 2- Hourly Projects 3- Fix Budget Projects In the first and second types, the project rates are defined based on an hourly or monthly time frame. But in the Fix Budget Projects plans, a fix budget is considered for the whole project or its milestones.

What is BYOC (Bring Your Own Clients)? How Does it Work?

If the talents are working outside WINaTALENT with their own clients and they decide to bring their project to WINaTALENT to use Safe Payment service and other features, they have the option to define their projects with the same client on our platform as well. By using BYOC, the talents will pay less commission to WINaTALENT. Freelancers can use their special client signup link to invite their own new clients to our platform and use BYOC.

Find a Talent
How Does the Platform Inform the Talents About My Project When I Define Them?

Talents receive regular up-to-date job alert emails and notifications about the newly posted jobs on the platform based on their skills.

Is It Possible to Edit a Project After Posting the Project Description on the Platform?

No. It’s not possible to redefine or edit a project after the project is live. As a client, if you need to change the project, you have to define a new project on the platform.

Is It Possible to Talk with the Talents Before Outsourcing a Project?

The list of the talents who bid on a specific project is available on our client’s profile in the project’s section, “view proposals”. Our clients can chat with these talents via WINaTALENT Chat. The clients can ask about the talent's related experience and workflow and evaluate the talent for their project. Then, clients can make their decisions about the talents.

Is It Possible to Hire Several Talents to Work on a Project at the Same Time?

Yes. It’s possible to offer a job to several talents to work on a project at the same time.

Is It Possible to Hire More Than One Talent for a Specific Project as a Team?

No. It is not possible to hire WINaTALENT talents as a team for now.

Is It Possible to Invite a Talent on a Specific Project?

No. This feature is not available on the platform right now. Clients cannot invite a talent to bid on their project.

How Does a Job Start After Reaching an Agreement with the Talent?

A client will create and send an offer to the talent after they’ve agreed on the project terms. The offer may have changes to the initial project description, based on his agreement with the talent. At the same time, the client will pay the fee to WINaTALENT’s escrow account. Therefore, the talent receives the job offer and the assurance of their payment. This fee remains at the project’s escrow account until the client declares completion of the job.

Start a Job
How to Send a Talent an Offer to Start a Job?

In the project’s dashboard, the clients can archive or shortlist the bids or send a job offer to one of them. According to the agreement between the client and the talent, the client needs to finalize the project description and conditions before sending the offer. The client needs to pay the project fee to the platform's escrow account. This way, the talents can be sure about their payment through the platform.

Is It Possible to Define Different Milestones for Each Project?

Yes. As a client, when you are completing the offer, you can distribute each project to different milestones. The milestones are the smaller subsets of a project. WINaTALENT releases each milestone’s payment according to the client's schedule separately. If a client has a major project on the platform, they can start with smaller and primary milestones. With this method, the client can make sure of the talent's capability and ability. If the clients are satisfied with the talent's performance, they can add other milestones later through the platform.

When and in What Stage Do the Clients Need to Pay the Project Fee?

The clients need to pay the project fee when they finalized their job offer and are going to send the offer to the talent. This fee will stay in WINaTALENT’s escrow account until the client declares the project is successfully done by the talent.

Is It Possible for a Freelancer to Decline a Project?

Yes. Freelancers have 3 days to answer the client's job offer. They have the option of accepting or declining a job offer. If the freelancer did not respond to the offer in three days, the project gets canceled automatically and the fee will return to the client's wallet. Also, the client has the option to cancel an offer anytime in these three days.

If a Freelancer Declines a Project, What Is Going to Happen to the Deposited Fee?

The project fee is deposited in the client's wallet. The clients can use the fee to send another offer or they can withdraw the money from their wallet.

After a Talent Accepts a Project, What Will Happen to The Project Fee?

The Project fee will stay in WINaTALENT’s escrow account till the client declares the success of the project.

What is an Escrow Account?

An escrow account is an intermediary project account. This account belongs to WINaTALENT. The reason behind the existence of this account is to give the talents the assurance of their safe payment. The project fee stays on this account until the client marks the project as done. After the client's declaration, WINaTALENT takes the platform's commission and transfers the rest of the payment to the talent's account. Until the client makes the project’s success, the fee stays in this account and no payment will take place. Also, if the client is not satisfied, he can claim or cancel the job or its milestones.

How Much Is WINaTALENT’s Commission?

WINaTALENT’s commission is 25% of the project fee. The platform deducts the fee from the freelancer's account.

Is It Possible to Add More Milestones to a Job?

Yes. After starting a job and before starting the final milestone, clients can add more milestones to their project. After adding a new milestone, the client needs to make its payment to the platform.

Is It Possible to Finish All the Milestones of a Project but Keep the Job Available?

No. After the final milestone is finished, the job will get marked as done.

What Is the Process of Marking a Job as Done?

The client needs to declare the success of the job. If there are several milestones in a project, by declaring the end of the final milestone, the job will finish.

What Should a Client Do If Some Dispute Occurs with the Freelancer?

If any kind of dispute occurs with the freelancer, we suggest both parties negotiate and find a solution. Otherwise, you can inform WINaTALENT about your claim and we will start the claim management process, and according to discussions and the conversations cited on the platform, WINaTALENT gives the final verdict. Please pay attention to the fact that WINaTALENT is a platform that connects clients to talented freelancers and the platform doesn't have any responsibility for the final results of a project.

What Will Happen If a Freelancer Disappears in the Middle of a Project?

If for any kind of reason, a freelancer stops their engagement with the project, our clients should inform WINaTALENT about the situation. After surveying the situation, the platform will return a part of the payment to the client’s account. Also, the freelancer will get banned from the platform.

When Will the Freelancer Get Paid?

The criterion of the success of a project on our platform is the client's declaration. After meeting the final milestone, both clients and talents have to rate each other and write reviews about their collaboration. After they have both done this, WINaTALENT will take its commission from the escrow account and make the payment to the talent's account.

Is It Mandatory for the Clients to Rate and Write a Review about the Talent?

Yes. Writing reviews about the talents you work with is necessary to mark the end of the projects. A client’s rates and reviews help other clients to choose better talents and decide if they want to work with a talent or not. Also, the talents will submit their own rates and feedback about the clients they have worked with. WINaTALENT will review and approve their feedback and the reviews will appear on the client and talent profiles two weeks after submission.

Is It Possible for Clients to Communicate with Freelancers Outside of the Platform, Once the Job Is Started?

It is not prohibited to connect with a freelancer or a client outside of the platform. But we emphasize doing all the conversations and negotiations about the project on the platform. So, if a problem comes up, WINaTALENT can follow up and solve the problem based on the conversations that took place on the platform.

How Long Does WINaTALENT Keep the Files and Chat Histories on the Platform?

All the files and conversations related to projects will be on the platform one year after a project is finished. But we highly recommend making a back-up of your project files.

Is It Possible to Access the Payments Invoices?

Yes. All of the payment invoices are available in the Transaction History section on the clients’ profiles.

Editing and Job Cancellation
Can I Cancel or Edit the Milestones?

Yes, both parties can cancel or edit the project milestones based on the platform's rules. This process can take place in three stages with milestone breakdown; your milestones have three stages: upcoming, ongoing and completed:

  1. The completed milestones are finished, and you cannot make any changes to them.
  2. The upcoming milestones are open to edit or cancellation by any of the parties. If any of the milestones get cancelled, that particular milestone's amount will go back to the client's account.
  3. As for ongoing milestones, since they are continuing, some parts of them are probably already done; therefore, edits on these milestones can take place if both parties have agreed on it. If one of the parties edits an ongoing milestone, they need to submit an edit request to the other party. In this request, there will be a Remaining Payment and Payback Payment. Because the job is partially done, both parties need to agree on how much of the job is done and how much of it is remaining and based on that, the Payback Amount and the Remaining Amount will be calculated. The other party can see this request on their job page and has the option to reject or accept it.
You can access all of these features on your Job page under “Edit and Cancel”.