B2B Digital Marketing Failure

5 Reasons for B2B Digital Marketing Failure and How to Overcome Them

Digital marketing has become the new normal for many businesses and start-ups. With so many digital marketing campaigns all over the start-up and tech businesses, it’s not easy to find reliable statistics to show the failure or the success of different strategies. In this post, we will talk about B2B digital marketing, its failure and how to avoid it.

What is B2B Digital Marketing?

B2B digital marketing can be very subjective. With various companies with different metrics to measure the success of the strategies, it’s not that simple to know the status. Therefore there is no solid data to back-up 50% failure rate in digital marketing. We can’t get to a simple standard to measure the effectiveness of a campaign. However, it’s safe to say the aim of a campaign is in the marketing investment of a business.

B2B marketing is very different from consumers and individual marketing. Therefore, the marketing strategies and methods are pretty different between the two. In B2B, enterprises are marketing the contents and the procedure to target businesses and organizations. In other words, the goal is to sell a service or a product to another company or organization.

But the main question is why B2B digital marketing fails and how to avoid failure. There are 5 main reasons for this factor: 

1. Shortage of Skills and Experience

Most companies have a big problem because they do not bring together adequate skills to their marketing team. The other problem is that they might not assign the right resources to the right campaign. Also, to keep the budget on the low, they might hire novices instead of senior marketers. B2B marketing can be very complex and challenging, therefore, a junior marketer might not be the best choice. 

How to solve this problem?

WINaTALENT suggests looking for these skill sets while building your team:

  1. Data science
  2. SEO
  3. Content creation
  4. Content strategy
  5. Marketing operation

Also, if you can’t afford all of these skills at a senior level, it is best to hire a senior marketer to be responsible for your marketing team. The senior marketer can lead your team in the right direction, look at the campaigns from various point of views, and mentor the other members.

2. Under-Performing Content

The quality of the content you are focusing your campaigns on is an essential factor in B2B marketing. But most of the B2B marketing teams fail to design and create engaging content for their audiences. Another problem that arises in B2B marketing strategies is neglecting the value of videos or pictures as a marketing medium because they are more expensive to make. 

To solve this problem:

We at WINaTALENT suggest to step-up your audience recognition game! The content you are providing should be helpful, practical, and personalized for your audience. Your B2B marketing team’s content needs to engage new customers and build loyalty among excited ones. Also, if you gain insight into your customers by researching their persona, the video content you produce helps you tremendously in storytelling. In B2B marketing, the goal is to prioritize informational content over sales messages.

3. Unclear Strategies

A marketing campaign should start with a solid strategy. To have a successful campaign, the marketing team should plan and define goals and milestones. Also, documentation is a must. One reason companies fail is that there is no documentation to understand setbacks and failures to learn from them.

But how to solve this?

A clear strategy must take care of documentation, milestone setting, and goal defining. Also, the precise method establishes measurable goals and targets audiences properly. Make sure the goals you set for specific campaigns are attained within the stipulated timeline. Identify the keywords that connect your targeted audience with the content you provide. Track goals and discuss them regularly, and build a habit of communication. 

4. Not Performing Analysis Till the Last Step

The greatness of digital marketing is its ability to measure, analyze, and learn from your audience in real-time. Most campaigns fail because the marketing team does not adapt to a data-driven marketing approach. This issue can also affect future campaigns within the organization, because your marketing team can not predict the effectiveness of the campaign they are currently running. With this problem, the security of future budgets will be at risk. 

What WINaTALENT suggests:

It’s vital to identify the measurable metrics and find the right marketing tool to measure them. Measuring the business objectification through the campaign performance is the key to building a better sales pipeline. With the right marketing tool, you can identify and calculate the first-touch attributions and conversion rates for each marketing channel or campaign. With this data, you can make better and more accurate decisions about the future of your organization.

5. Problems in Understanding Target Audience

The main goal of a marketing campaign is to understand, identify, and solve the fundamental need of the targeted audience. Many marketers have problems in accurately identifying this pain point in their audiences. They forget that the core focus of the campaign is resolving audience issues. 

To solve this problem:

The first step is to identify your audiences and find out about their pain points. Social media is a great channel to find out about them. Start conversations on your social media page. Research and read on the subject. Interview some of your existing audience and learn more about their challenges and how you can solve their problems. Align all of your call to actions, ad copy messaging, and follow-up emails with these findings.

To sum things ups:

Why B2B Marketing Fails?WINaTALENT Solutions
Shortage of Experience and SkillIf you can’t afford an entire senior team of marketers, have a senior marketer coach your team and plan your campaigns.
Under-Performing ContentGet to know your audiences and design and build helpful and valuable content.
Unclear Strategies Make sure the goals you set for specific campaigns are attained within the stipulated timeline.
Not Performing Analytics Till the Last StepFind the right metrics and proper tools to measure and understand the success of the marketing campaign.
Problems in Understanding Target AudienceStart conversations on your social media page, interact with your exciting audience to understand their pain points and problems.

Digital marketing tools made marketing and audience recognition and targeting a lot easier, especially for B2B digital marketing. Still, these new tools need to be used in intelligent and accurate data-driven methods to lead to a successful campaign. 

You can now find the remote senior-level Marketing experts in the WINaTALENT talent pool for your subsequent excellent marketing campaigns.

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  1. Hey Lily,
    It’s quite a work you’ve done here. The issues you’ve mentioned are not hidden from anyone. From understanding and creating a solid strategy to analyzing the performance and outcome of that strategy, there is a process that needs to be followed. And you have not left any stone unturned here.
    Thanks for a great blog.

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