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A Review on WINaTALENT Software Project Estimation Service

As someone who wants to build a startup or develop an app in 2021, you most definitely heard about lean startup methodology and agile project estimation techniques. By searching around these topics, project estimation and software project estimation services are some keywords you will come upon very early. 

WINaTALENT offers an exceptional software/app estimation service.

Software estimation is one of the early stages of any startup. So many of our clients who entered this business have many questions:

  1. What resources are going to be needed if we want to build software or develop an app?
  2. What are the stages of app development and software building?
  3. Is there a way that we find to convince possible stakeholders or sponsors?
  4. How should we start our project?
  5. How much time do we need to fulfill our goal?

This question list can run down forever and ever!

As you can see, Our clients (just like many others) only had a rough idea about what they wanted to achieve in their app development journey. 

So, if you, also, are looking for a structured way to have answers to your questions and plan your agile approach, app development estimation services are a great place to start.

Software Estimation Service Starting Line at WINaTALENT

According to our research, there are not many platforms available for software and app development project estimation.

So what WINaTALENT propose in case of estimation services is a win!

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After our client reached out, we set a free counseling session to talk about their project estimation.

Next, our team provides an 8-hour interview with the technical experts and estimation team to learn the client’s requirements, needs, and goals.

In this 8 hour interview, we talked about the project’s flow.

The technical team worked on the information they had from the client to complete their estimates.

The technical team includes a back-end specialist, a front-end specialist, a DevOps, a QA expert, and a designer. A big bounce is that we appoint a full-time senior project manager to your project.

What is on the WINaTALENT project estimation document?

According to the agile project method, the estimation document mainly focused on the project’s design stages and wireframing

It also provides time estimation, cost estimation, effort estimation, and team building strategies. These aspects summed up all you can expect from a software or app development estimation document.

The estimation document also provides a full report on the costs of the project and compares them in different regions of the world:

  • The first region is where you as a client live
  • The second pricing is on regions with lower rates
  • The third data they provide gives you the WINaTALENT rates (as a client, you have the option to outsource your project to them completely after they finish your estimation document).

Keep in mind that we do not add all of the project’s features in the estimation document. The project’s structures and its specific guide to different phases are included in your software or app development project proposal.

But what makes WINaTALENT different from other services?

  1. The software or app development estimation document we give you is your winning card while searching for stakeholders and sponsors. 
  2. This document also includes a detailed personal report that covers your project’s time framing, the team you will need. Last but not least, the technology you are going to need in this journey.
  3. Because WINaTALENT uses agile methodology, you can see the themes and epics of your project.
  4. We build this detailed document in only eight working days.
  5. We give you a dedicated senior project manager.
  6. If you go on and hire us to do your project from scratch, we offer a support and maintenance team after development.
  7. The estimation team uses InVison to build and design your wireframe. InVison is behind many top designs, such as Spotify and IBM.
You can see a list of all the things you have in your grasp after a complete software project estimation document or an app project estimation document in the table down below. 
WINaTALENT Estimation Document FeaturesWhat You Will Gain as a Customer
Project DefinitionYour project will become tangible and re-presentable.
Project’s WireframeEnhancement of the technical frontend estimation of your project
Categorization of the Themes and Epics of the ProjectYou will achieve a specific function in your product.
Infrastructures and TechnologiesInfrastructures and technology are facilities, equipment, capabilities, and support services where you can find help to commercialize your product.
Project’s StoriesThis feature helps to respond to change, report your progress, and stick to a plan from the most extensive objectives down to the minute details.
Timeline and Team EstimationConsidering the stories’ list, your project and team members are extracted.
The Team’s Seniority Different developers take different amounts of time based on their seniority to complete a task. To indicate how much time each part of the project will take, WINaTALENT offers two estimates for senior and mid-level developers.
The Project’s ScaleUnderstanding your project’s scale helps you know how many components and system integrations you are going to need
Risk factorsUnpredictable complications are bound to happen after the initial technical estimates; As a Client, you can usually multiply the total hours of the project by a number called the risk factor or the safety factor. This number varies based on the project’s scale and its team members.
Total Timeline and TeamYou will find out the total person/hours required for your project.
Cost Based on the benchmarks you require, the product’s market, and the quality of your demands, your project’s cost is estimated

If you, just like many others, have no document to start your development journey and are very confused about where to start, It is time to reserve your free consultation with the WINaTALENT team.

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