Copywriting: About and Beyond

Copywriting is one of the most in-demanded and creative skills in the whole writing industry. Regardless of the economy’s strength, copywriters are always needed in the market.

As writing is a skill that many business professionals possess, many suppose that there is no need for businesses to use copywriters. However, this couldn’t be more inaccurate. Copywriting requires exceptional skills that are different from the usual writing many people deliver in everyday life!

Besides, many businesses don’t have time to spend hours writing well-researched and persuasive copy. This is where copywriters use their experience to create the best possible content for their needs!

What Is Copywriting and Who Are Copywriters?

Although copywriting seems like a complicated phrase, it’s pretty simple. Copywriting is the action of writing for the goal of advertising or marketing a specific business!

So we can say copywriters are professionals who have learned and practiced this skill!

Copywriters are responsible for creating persuasive, engaging, and brief copy for various advertising platforms. Their responsibilities include keyword research, composing quality content, and proofreading the final copy.

The writings should be persuasive and/or promotional to motivate people to take action, such as clicking on a link, purchasing for a cause, or scheduling a consultation.

Copywriting vs. Content Writing

Some references suggest that copywriting and content writing are different; this can be true, but not completely.

Copywriting relates to writing promotional and marketing materials!

Content writing, on the other hand, refers to writing editorial or informational pages on websites, such as article pages, product pages, or blog posts.

Some interpretations suggest that content writing is purely informational and lacks persuasion, meaning it is not copywriting.

We disagree with those definitions.

Basically, almost all web pages include some form of persuasion or call to action. This is apparent on a product page with a clear “Buy Now!” button.

But even an article page uses subtle calls to action, usually in the form of links to other resources or recommendations for other pages you can visit on the site. So, it can be inaccurate to say content writing is separate from copywriting. Accordingly, content writing is thoroughly another type of copywriting!

And just like that, content writing aims to engage the reader and make them take some form of action, even if it’s just staying on a website to read another page.

What’s the Use of Copywriting?

You’ve likely seen copywriting everywhere, from a website’s written content to TV advertisements!

A copywriter’s goal is to create engaging content to convince potential customers to buy the clients’ products or services.

Copywriters write content for different types of advertising and marketing campaigns. Their playground is vast, and they do various activities, whether email marketing, social media posts, ad copy, blog posts, or even website content.

If you take a look at your mailbox, you’ll find other obvious examples of copywriting. Promotions for local restaurants, catalogs, fundraising letters from charitable organizations, or sales letters for various products and services are all forms of copywriting.

Copywriters also write product descriptions, video scripts, white papers, and many more. What you hear can also be copywriting in action.

Television commercials, product reviews on YouTube, and even short “how-to” videos on using a product are all examples of spoken copywriting.

Fortune 500 companies also use copywriters extensively. They have considerable marketing budgets, and a share of those budgets will go directly to copywriters.

Other types of companies, big or small, also use copywriters, such as:

  • Financial institutions and investment firms
  • Medical supply and pharmaceutical companies
  • Food manufacturers
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Local service providers, such as car mechanics and hair salons
  • Fitness, personal improvement, and other types of coaches
  • Dentists, medical doctors, and other healthcare providers
  • Self-help authors and speakers
  • Producers of supplements and other complementary health products

And this is only the tip of the iceberg! Every business needs a way to stand out from the noise, which is why many invest heavily in copywriting.

How’s the Market?

The copywriting market is growing so fast all over the world. With over 90% of businesses using custom content to generate leads and sales, it’s easy to see why. 

  • In the digital realm, 90% of all organizations use online content marketing.
  • 70% of businesses are actively investing in content marketing.
  • Nearly 67% of companies rely on outside help to create online content. It means they hire external copywriters.

Globalization has extended the market and competition, driving the need for good advertising.

Consumers can only differentiate between products based on advertising; hence companies must hire copywriters to send a clear and consistent message to their target audience!

Copywriters are even demanded when a company loses sales because cutting the advertising budget will result in even more inadequate sales. If a recession comes along, demand may drop slightly for copywriters. Still, it will pick right back up when the economy turns around.

In Conclusion

Businesses need copywriters to share their messages with potential customers to expand their markets or with current customers to keep them engaged. That’s why we decided to write about this essential, highly demanded skill.¬†

In our next post, we will go deeper into Copy writing’s core principles and fundamentals, the information every client needs to know in hiring a perfect copywrite!

In addition, we will share 2022 copywriting rates and prices you don’t want to miss!¬† Copywriting is at the core of nearly every industry.

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