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Employer Value Proposition: How to Attract Top Freelancers

Companies compete against one another over acquiring top talents. They need to create an Employer Value Proposition just as they create an adequate client brand to attract customers.

A client brand (or Customer Value Proposition) describes why a customer should choose to use services or buy products from a certain company instead of others. Whereas an Employer Value Proposition (EVP) defines the reason why a person should choose a company or organization above others. It communicates what an employee will receive in exchange for their skill and commitment.

Taking into account that the number of freelancing workforce is significantly increasing over the years, competition for hiring talented freelancers is as fierce as the one over their employed counterparts.

Therefore, companies need to find methods to attract and retain agile and talented freelancers by creating a Freelance Value Proposition (FVP).

FVP is similar to EVP; it defines why a freelancer should choose to work for a certain company instead of others.

To build a compelling FVP, the first thing to consider is what a freelancer wants and needs while working for an organization.

Here are some of the most important criteria:

Fair pay

Payment reflects the value of the individual’s contribution to the company’s success.

Depending on the nature of the freelancer’s role and engagement with the company, this might be expressed as a rate per hour, day, or unit of work.

For instance, a content writer receives their pay per each article, while java developers receive theirs per day.

The payment should match the freelancer’s skills and the services they are providing the organization with.

Proper invoice and payment terms

Most freelancers expect some payment prior to the project and ask for up to 50% of their payment in advance.

Sometimes the complete payment is made 60 or 90 days after the invoice date. This might be common for larger organizations, but not getting paid for 2 or 3 months can cause serious cash flow problems for a freelancer.

A simple reward for a talented freelancer could ease and quicken invoice payment.


Freelancers typically work for various companies for a short amount of time. However, working with a large organization and a team will encourage them to generate better work and build and demonstrate more expertise.

It is often difficult for freelancers to have access to other departments or projects in a company. It would benefit both the freelancer and the company if they get more endorsed and engaged with different parts of the organization and its managers.

Challenging and meaningful work

Although finding meaning in work is intensely personal, companies still play an important role in making work challenging and meaningful.

Having some level of difficulty is preferable to the boredom of an unchallenging job, and achieving a desirable goal motivates the employees. The employees like to see that their work benefits others and not just themselves.

Freelancers are the same, applying for jobs that satisfy them and improve their skills.

It is a company’s role to create an environment that helps its determinant or freelance employees thrive by properly managing the organization and asking for regular feedback.

Comfortable environment

If freelancers are not remote workers and work in the company, their work environment has to be convenient.

For example, providing them with on-site parking or hot desks will make them feel more comfortable and will also enhance the quality of their work.

Successfully fulfilling these factors will enhance a company’s FVP. A good FVP will result in a good employer reputation which will urge more and more potential freelancers to apply for the company.

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