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Filling Your Resume On WINaTALENT: Samples and Best Practices

Filling your resume and showcasing your skills in detail are the first and most important steps you take after signing up on WINaTALENT as a freelancer.

A good profile:

  • Reflects and represents your expertise in the best way
  • Passes our assessment procedures more easily
  • Attracts more and better clients

But what does a good profile look like on WINaTALENT?

Start your profile by completing your personal information
winatalent personal information

This section has the following mandatory fields:

  1. Job title

This part is extremely important because it’s the first thing the client sees when viewing your profile.

It’s basically describing your expertise and experience in a few words.

For example, senior full-stack developer.

  1. Country
  1. Birthday
  1. Gender
  1. Hourly rate

This part indicates how much you’re going to charge your clients per hour.

Make sure to carefully consider your skills and the average international rates when you fill this field.

Note that clients can only see your bids when you bid on projects and send your proposals, not your hourly rates.

You can read about average global outsourcing hourly rates to get a better sense of the rates you can offer.

  1. Address 

Even though WINaTALENT’s profiles consist of both required and optional fields, note that a more complete profile increases your chance of attracting clients. So try to complete your profile as much as possible.

The next section is the “about me” section

In this section, the clients will look for:

  • Various hard and soft skills, such as your area of expertise and collaboration skills and 
  • An overview of your work experience and its results
  • Personalized content that shows your trustworthiness

It’s like making a good first impression. 

You need to give all the necessary information clients need in a manner that doesn’t put them off.

Remember that clients have to go through several profiles to choose the best one, so make this section:

  • Clear, concise, correct, and complete
  • Easy to read
  • Have clear sections
  • Written in the correct format

For example:

winatalent about me example

Clients only view the information available on your WINaTALENT profile, they don’t check your LinkedIn profile or your attached resume.

Don’t just rely on providing a link to your LinkedIn profile, make your “about me” section stand out by thoroughly describing your work and highlighting your values. Avoid lengthy explanations and turning it into your biography.

The next step is completing the information concerning your education
education information

Add the schools you’d attended, your areas of study, and the degrees you’ve earned.

In the next section, provide information about your previous successful projects and jobs and add any related work experience and certificates you have
work experience section on WINaTALENT profile

This step is crucial because it familiarizes the clients with your work and its quality. This will build prior trust and commitment between you and your prospect if it thoroughly showcases your skills and expertise.


Here’s an example of an already written and verified Work Experience:

You can provide us with your previous client’s information in the “Work Experiences” section and we will contact them, verify your work, and include it in your profile as a rate and review.

We at WINaTALENT care about experience on our platform, so we highly value freelancers with at least a year of experience.

Designate the languages you speak and your proficiency level
languages proficiancey
Search and add your skills in detail and the programming languages you know in the “skills” section
winatalent skills and programming languages
Add any attachments and certificates that validate the information you have previously given
winatalent attachments

After completing your resume, submit your resume for assessment by clicking on the “request for review” button at the top of the page.

winatalent request for review

Make sure to double or even triple check your resume before submitting it to fix any possible errors and mistakes.

After submitting your resume, you will undergo an assessment procedure.

WINaTALENT’s assessment procedures have two steps:

_ CV assessment

_ Language assessment

Language assessment is performed after the first step’s completion.

If your resume has been rejected because it was incomplete, you can immediately edit and resend it for review.

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8 thoughts on “Filling Your Resume On WINaTALENT: Samples and Best Practices

    1. Hello and thanks for your comment.
      You can enter your profile form the top right button of the website and click on the “edit your CV” button and enter your new information section by section.
      Note that you can only edit your resume before you send it for review (i.e. before you click on the “request for review” button).

  1. Hi
    Can we join WINaTALENT as a team of 2 persons? For example, one is good in English and contacting the others, and another member ins good at programming and technical issues.

    1. Hi Shirin,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We currently don’t have a feature that enables freelancers to join the platform as a team. However, you can make one profile and have one person handle the technical stuff and another person handle the communication. That’s completely alright with us.

  2. Hi,
    I complete each part of my resume. But it still is not 100% completed and the “request for review” button is still off.
    what should I do?

    1. Hi Fahimeh,
      Thanks for your comment.

      For the button to become available, you need to complete the “required” fields of your resume entirely.
      If that still doesn’t solve your problem, please email us at [email protected]

  3. Hi,
    I have completed all parts of my CV in dashboard but the percentage is still 70% and I still have not got an approval from you and the E-mail I received from you was totally general and couldn’t help me to complete my CV. What should I do in order to get my resume 100% completed and get your approval?

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