Highest-Paying Programming Language

What is the Highest-Paying Programming Language?

Nowadays, we are all surrounded by technology. Everything from our phones to our refrigerators and even our toilets has been developed into a smart device. Our reliance on technology is increasing daily, and organizations always look for people who can design the best applications and software. Employment for programmers, quality assurance experts, and software and web developers is expected to grow by 11 percent between 2021 and 2031. This is much faster than the average growth rate for other occupations.

A growing demand for programming has made it one of the most lucrative fields. However, the need for different programming languages differs hugely. This means that a programming salary can vary based on programming languages. Let’s look at the most profitable programming languages in this article.

The highest-paid programming languages in 2023

Learning a new programming language is one of the most effective ways to improve your software developer skills. High-paying programming languages are usually the most used by different companies and industries, or at least there are a lot of job advertisements for these languages. When you learn a programming language, you should check its job market. It would help to examine the average income of programming professionals in different industries. Along with finding out which programming language is the most profitable, you also need to ensure that these languages are in high demand on the market.

Every programming language has advantages and disadvantages, but the biggest advantage is that you can choose a language that will ensure a high income in the future. Based on global data, Rust is the highest-paid programming language in 2023:


Highest-Paying Programming Language

As a side project, Rust was introduced in 2010. The Rust programming language offers everything C++ offers, including keywords and commands. The only difference between the two languages is that Rust has more advanced features, such as safe concurrency and memory safety. Rust is widely used in high-performance applications and is one of the fastest-growing languages. This language has attracted attention for its use in Blockchain and Web 3.

Rust developers earn $122,000 a year. Some professionals in this programming language make up to 300,000 dollars annually.

The following are the next ranked programming languages after Rust, based on their income:

  • Haskell: The average salary for a Haskell developer is between $118,000 and $121,000 per year.
  • Scala: Scala developers earn $150,000 per year. But still, as these programmers gain experience, the amount they receive will increase.
  • JavaScript: The salary range for JavaScript developers is wide. Depending on the programmer’s experience and expertise, his income ranges from $90,000 to $120,000 annually.
  • Python: Python developers earn around $99,000 per year.
  • Swift: Swift developers earn $104,000 to $125,000 per year.
  • Go: Go developers earn an annual salary of $110,000-140,000.
  • Typescript: Typescript developers earn $100,000 to $120,000 annually.
  • Perl: The average salary of a Perl developer is 100-130 thousand dollars per year.
  • Kotlin: Kotlin developers earn around $130,000 per year.

The least demanded programming languages

Let’s start by looking at some programming languages that have not seen much demand in the past year. Although the demand for these languages may increase in the next few years, choosing these languages for a future programming career is usually the wrong idea. You should spend your precious time on languages that you know will help you earn money in the future.

Some of these languages include older languages such as Java and C++, which have declined in demand in recent years. C++ is an object-oriented programming language that has lost popularity due to security issues. In addition, coding in this programming language requires a high amount of memory, making it incompatible with several operating systems. On the other hand, Java also has very heavy performance and memory usage, which makes its implementation very expensive.

Although the demand for these languages has decreased, many companies still use them, and there was a high demand for them in the past. But still, one cannot imagine the high demand for these languages. Therefore, choosing languages that are in high demand or steadily increasing in the future may be better. These languages are also ideal for immigrants with programming jobs.

What are the best programming languages to learn?

It is possible to learn several programming languages. While your goal at this stage may be to select a programming language with high revenue potential, experienced developers may consider several factors when choosing a language. Here are some of the best programming languages to learn, which are considered the most useful languages for many programmers:

  • Python
  • Go
  • SQL
Highest-Paying Programming Language

Final thoughts

In this article, we introduce the most profitable programming languages. One language cannot be considered the most-paid programming language because many factors are involved in this issue, such as professionalism, interest, etc. The advantage of programming is that you can choose programming languages and work freelance (remote work) with various foreign companies and earn dollars.

Our advice is to start working and not obsess too much about choosing a language; rather, find your interest and the field you want to work in and start earning. Of course, keep this point in mind when choosing programming languages that do not require a special background. These languages are languages that you can learn and work with easily.

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