Mission, Vision, Value: PeoplePerHour Vs. WINaTALENT

At some point, every company needs to look for a future. As human beings, we all want to have a heading to a future, make a difference, and set values to keep us motivated. A company’s mission, values, and visions are how they keep the business goals and human resources growing and validated.

As companies start their journey, they are primarily goal-driven. They found the talents they need to solve a specific problem or, in other words with the guiding principles; they achieve a goal. After the first goal comes the next one. But in an organization, there are several groups of people with different priorities and goals; with this kind of organization, the risk of misalignment between the multiple members of the groups is high.

Because of the reasons above, goals are not the superior force behind organizations.

But what other choice does a company have? 

Being Value Driven

A value-driven organization means all the decisions and actions of the company are aligned with the core values. These core values should also be helpful to the organization’s business goals.

Defining values is not just words you can dictate to your team members. There should be a cultural movement behind the words. 

Operating as a value-driven company means the business you are running not just cares about the sales, but also values things such as affordability, reliability, honesty, integrity, and a solid commitment to customer satisfaction.

For example, WINaTALENT believes that everyone, no matter where they are from, deserves the opportunity to work for top companies and get paid according to their knowledge, talent, and experience. 

Being Vision Driven

The core purpose of the vision should be the center of all major decisions and actions of the organization. According to Beyond Entrepreneurship by Jim Collins and Bill Lazier, “The fundamental reason for the organization’s existence” is the vision.

This concept helps the organization to expand, improve, and select new ideas. 

An example for this core purpose is Peopleperhour’s first statement in their about section “We empower people worldwide to live their work dream building their business from the ground up and becoming financially and professionally independent.” 

The core value has two purposes:

  • What does an organization do?
  • How do they do it?

To help your team to meet their maximum potential, add these elements to your organization:

  1. Defining a core purpose
  2. An organized strategy
  3. A three-year plan
  4. Annual operation plan
  5. Objective, systematic management
  6. A regular quarterly review to help you stay on the track

Being Mission Driven

To be a mission-driven company is how you make your customer identify with your organization.

The best example of a mission-driven company is Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola shows the friendly, fun, and happy environment you can experience while sipping your coke. 

A company like Coca-Cola focuses on the things people enjoy; therefore, so many people worldwide relate to it, and this mission statement guides the efforts they make. Coca-Cola is an excellent example of a mission-driven company that achieved a wide range of sales, customer acquisition, and customer loyalty.

With a mission-driven organization, the focus is on building an emotional bond with the customers and the company team members. A mission-driven company aims to solve a specific problem. 

To be a mission-driven organization, you need to start with a clear definition of the problem you are about to solve and the way to the solution.

In the tech world, companies such as Facebook, Google, or Microsoft are all mission-driven organizations. They built a specific framework and kept their products, services, and development aligned.

How to Write A Mission Statement?

The mission statement is what you use to keep the business growing and connect the internal teams with the customers. Consider these points while writing a mission statement:

  1. Find a shared value
  2. Understand the problem you want to solve and the road to solution
  3. Define a culture
  4. Make sure you have long term consistency
  5. Drive your organization’ actions internally

Every step, action, and decision needs to follow the mission statement. With this approach both the customers and the team always know what to expect.

The mission statement is the answer to two questions:

  1. Why does a certain business exist?
  2. What is the difference between this organization’s mission and others? 

PeoplePerHour Vs. WINaTALENT:

PeoplePerHour was founded in 2007 with a simple vision to connect freelancers to their clients and empower them to live their work dreams. It’s the longest-running freelance service in the UK.

So if we want to put it simply:

PeoplePerHour’s Vision: People empowerment to live their work dream.

PeoplePerHour’s Value: Passionate, energetic, commitment and boldness

PeoplePerHour’s Mission: Solving problems for businesses and helping them grow and create lasting work relationships.

WINaTALENT was founded in 2019 in Estonia. WINaTALENT mission was to solve a simple problem. Western Asia and Eastern Europe (countries such as Estonia, Ukraine, Iran, Afghanistan) do not have the opportunity to represent themselves in the international technology market because of regional or political problems.

WINaTALENT’s Vision: Giving everyone, no matter where they are from, the opportunity to work with top companies and getting paid accordingly

WINaTALENT’s Value: a high-quality product with a competitive price

WINaTALENT’s Mission: Western Asia and Eastern Europe technology workforce (despite having experience and talent) can not find a platform to work internationally. And the international technology market’s growing need for affordable, seasoned, responsible, and talented individuals.

So now what was the point of all this?

According to what we mentioned above, PeoplePerHour is a vision-driven organization. Because both the values and the mission statement are aligned with PeoplePerHour’s vision, they found the reason behind their existence: the empowerment of people. They used it as the backbone of their company to grow and serve. 

On the other hand, WINaTALENT is a mission-driven organization. The company’s values and vision are aligned with the problem they detected in the technology market and the road to the solution. With this approach, WINaTALENT tries to stay relevant and tangible with the customers. Both parties (The inside team and the outside world) know what to expect from them. Top-notch service with reasonable pricing that align with careful estimation.

According to what we mentioned above, WINaTALENT has a straightforward mission. Connect freelancers no matter where they are from to the companies in need of top talents with reasonable prices to plan, build, and maintain their vision or mission based on their values. 

Becoming our client means trusting our skills, values, and mission.

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