freelancing knowledge is a receding mirage in multitasking and telecommunication

The Invisible Office Work: 2 Myths of Being a Freelancer

Is the freelancing lifestyle for you? Chances are good that it is. Unless you don’t hate your job and don’t see the digital nomad way as a Lalaland. After all, a good view always looks better through a rose-tinted window. Of course, there are paths for every comfort level, but in case you have been wondering about how this lifestyle will look like on you, we thought best you should know a thing or two about its myths.

Multitasking is a mirage 

There’s this most sought after characteristic we all like to possess and that is doing more than a thing or two at the same time. Multitasking sometimes is seen as a badge of honor and we would even mention it in our job interviews. But what if you realize that only 2% of the global population in the entire world can be multitaskers! You probably would say “I am among that two percent” but no offense, you are probably not, and that’s a good thing. According to a recent study, only 2% of people can multitask successfully and the remaining 98% are lessening their productivity without even realizing it.

So, now that the true colors of multitasking have been shown, what does it have to do with becoming a freelancer and how can one consider it when choosing a nomadic manner? Well, you might lose the chance of being productively creative.

Just because you can spare your own time for doing your job remotely, doesn’t mean that you can make more time for doing any other thing relatively accomplishing. There comes a time when you should be willing to choose your battle and stick with it even though there are other callings in your life. If you haven’t found and prioritized it yet, then don’t quit your 9 to 5 job and jump off the cliff, for you may crash the invisible office glass of freelancing. After all, we all need to make a living and it’s not quite mature to switch gears in the corner not knowing how high you should shoot for reaching the destination.

What to believe instead? 

Freelancing is like any other job that should be taken seriously under what you are promising to deliver to the clients. So, you should take carefully crafted measures on how to keep that promise so that it doesn’t tarnish your reputation and work ethics. And is only achieved if you are on the track of your job with concentration and a great sense of responsibility.


If you’re considering to do freelancing, don’t quit your 9 to 5 job. Instead, commit a portion of your free time to your passion project. And in case you’re saying it is not possible with the workload and other life responsibilities, we would like to inform you of a valid statistic; before that, know your currency is time and energy, therefore, everything you delegate to will be put back into that.

Take two hours of your week off your schedule. That 9 hours a month! Look at it through the year; we are talking about a hundred hours in a year!

What would it give you if someone would say “here are 100 hours a year, do anything you want”? So, the goal of practicing to become a freelancer or anything for that matter is the timeline.

freelancing road is quite lonely and you cannot ride two horses with one butt

Telecommunication is not your best friend 

Being a digital nomad is best if you are available anywhere, right? Well, that’s for sure through your career but no for starting and keeping it up.

With the rise of technology and communication gadgets, you have access to anything and anyone wherever you are. Though the global village has kept the promise of accessibility and there is an acceptance to the challenges of different time zones in remote working, telecommunication is not the key answer for all your freelancing needs.

One issue with digital forms of communication is that they tend to be impersonal. Moreover, trying to make your digital communications seem more friendly or personalized runs the risk of being misinterpreted or viewed as unprofessional. So, while it is impossible to deny the importance of these platforms and the way that they have revolutionized communication, it is important to balance these online interactions with face-to-face communication.

What to think instead? 

Face-to-face communication adds the “personal touch” and is much more important to freelancers who are dealing with outside clients. Know that a sense of community comes with the ability to interact and socialize. This sets the foundation for trust and ultimately creates a better working relationship. Though face-to-face communication is not always an option due to distance or conflicting schedules, you mustn’t forget about it completely.


The tip to consider hoisting your flag in the right direction in landing a freelancing job is having a ritual for doing your everyday tasks and harmonizing the way you interact with your clients.

Whenever possible, take the time to communicate with your colleagues face-to-face and enjoy the benefits. Go to the venues and conferences where you feel like there’s a possible chance of introducing your project and keep up with potential clients.

Leave in the comments your challenges in choosing a freelancing lifestyle and share with us your thoughts and solutions in overcoming them.

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