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Bring Your Own Talent or Client

By inviting your talent or client into WINaTALENT, you’ll benefit from WINaTALENT’s Safe-Payment and milestone management tools. WINaTALENT’s commission is 5% in BYO contracts.

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“All the benefits of BYO contracts”

5% Commission


Work with great clients or talents outside of WINaTALENT? Invite them and benefit from our platform. Freelancers only pay a 5% commission in BYO contracts.

Safe-Payment Service


In WINaTALENT’s Safe-Payment service, clients will transfer payments to WINaTALENT’s escrow account and release the funds at the end of each milestone.

Project Management Tools


You can break your project down into milestones to manage progress and payments. You can add, edit, or cancel milestones at any time.


For Freelancers

Invite your client to the platform by sending them the invitation link in your dashboard. After they sign up, they can send you a personal offer from their dashboard, provided they do not already have an account on WINaTALENT. You'll pay 5% commission on any work you do with your invited client,

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For Clients

If you’ve found a match for your project outside of WINaTALENT, you can add their email address in your dashboard to invite and send them a personalized offer. If you are working with a team, you can add all of its members and benefit from WINaTALENT’s platform to manage their work.

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