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Adapt to Agile With WINaTALENT

“THE FUTURE IS EVEN MORE AGILE. “According to the 14th Annual State of Agile Report, over half of their 40000 Agile executives, practitioners, and consultants, who have participated in the State of Agile survey since its inception, are either currently implementing Agile values or are planning to adapt to Agile. 

But there are still questions you might ask yourself. 

  • How can you adapt to Agile? 
  • What are the tools you need to go fully Agile? 
  • Is it even profitable for your business to take this root and go Agile? 
  • How can WINaTALENT help you with going Agile?

In this post, we are going to answer these questions.

We recommend reading What Are Epic and User Story in Agile Methodology and Agile in Details: Scrum and Kanban for more information abut Agile.

What Are the Benefits of Agile for Your Company:

The best quality of Agile is that it makes the whole development and managing processes sensitive to the customer and market needs. It would be best to consider Agile because it makes life better for the employees and customers all together. 

As we mentioned in “Agile, Waterfall, or RAD: Which Methodology Is Best For Your App Development?“, according to the Agile manifesto:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

By applying these principles, both the product owners and software development team are on the winning side. In the table below, you can see the benefits of using Agile for your team and estimation.

Agile Benefits for the Development TeamAgile Benefits for the Product Owner
Developers feel a strong sense of ownership for the projectThe development risks decrease because of faster development
With fewer red tapes, the developers are more in tune with the customerWith Agile, the companies particular needs are morphed with the development process
Happier developers at workAgile prioritizes relationships even in work-rich environments
It is vital to use Agile Accurate time estimation for software project’s success.Agile effort estimation, a concrete basis for all subsequent stages related to project planning and management, is made.
The Agile teams pivot away from sub-optimal solutionsAgile teams are self-organized

How Can You Adapt to Agile, and What Are the Tools You Need In This Process?

Agile can be helpful in many fields. With Agile, you can develop software or hardware, give a service, plan strategically, supply chain management, and manage parent organizations.

Agile gives you and your team the ability to move, think and understand a situation quickly; therefore, the ability to adapt rapidly to a changing environment is what you can gain if you adapt to Agile. 

The most important tool you will need is a set of good self-managing and project tracking tools. These tools help the development team to converge their goals. These tools allow the team to identify the requirements and split these requirements into smaller projects. Also, these tools track the process and help the section to work collaboratively on the tasks. This method of tracking helps shorten the cycle of planning and coding. Therefore, there will be enough room for adjustment and feedback.

The next set of tools you will need are team management tools. These tools help you apply Agile according to your team’s size, track sprints and organize the retrospective analysis.

If you decide on a remote agile team read our post about Remote Team Management and Agile.

What Is WINaTALENT’s Role?

So how can WINaTALENT help you adapt your team to Agile?

WINaTALENT pays excellent attention to the requirements and needs of your team. Also, we put Agile Project Estimation and Techniques at the heart of our estimation and planning.

Adapting to Agile is not a top-down or bottom-up process. While adjusting to Agile, both of these changes happen simultaneously.

Agile teams are meant to be self-organized. But the way to Agile also requires self-organization. Though, building a self-organized team is not as predictable as disassembling and assembling mechanical parts. The team you want to adapt to Agile is a dynamic, parallel acting, decision-making organization, and there are many agents involved. 

These Are the Steps We Recommend You Take to Adapt to Agile:

Awareness: you need to be aware of the possibility of improvement. WINaTALENT can help you understand the stage you and your team are in and estimate where you can be.

With WINaTALENT, we help you identify the problems and communicate them with your team. 

Desire: The desire to change and become more Agile is what drove you to seek out WINaTALENT. We help you create momentum and help your team engage everyone in the transition without discrediting the past and addressing the fears they might have regardless of the change.

Ability: We help you to detect your strong points to adapt to Agile as efficiently as possible.

Promote: By following the estimated plan, you can see fast improvements. We believe in giving positive feedback to the team members to keep them motivated. To attract attention, we host an Agile safari. Also, we set up meetings to talk about successful Agile adjustments.

Transfer: We help your team to have a smooth transition to Agile. But the change is only the first step. We recommend regular meetings to make sure the impacts of Agile stick. Agile needs to be applied to all parts of the company, not just the development team. Therefore we help you to align promotions, raises and annual reviews with Agile aspects.

Keep this in mind; you need to build a Desire for change and awareness for improvement. You need to adapt and move Agile in your whole company, no matter the size. 

We can help you to apply the support, resources, guidance and directions for Agiling your methodology.

We stimulate conversations, provide resources, and engage all the team members to find and address the issues they might have and set up a step-by-step practice to apply Agile principles to your team.

WINaTALENT helps you with a smooth and headache-free transition to Agile. Leave the planning to us!

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