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Freelancing Industry Hip New Name: WINaTALENT

To be born in a third-world country can become frustrating. As a person starts getting older and faces obstacles, you find out life doesn’t give you what you try so hard for. There will be setbacks, frustrations, starting over, and second-guessing every step you ever took.

This is our story. 

This is why we built WINaTALENT. Because all our lives, everyone told us how special, intelligent, and talented we are. Still, there was always a problem when it came to catching the golden opportunity. So, we tried our best to stop third country problems affecting our ways of life. 

The idea behind WINaTALENT was to provide equal opportunities for talented individuals to be a part of the global economy no matter what their nationalities were. On the other hand, the global software and IT industry are losing the opportunity to work with talented, educated, and experienced experts because of their nationality.

Who Are We?

We started WINaTALENT in 2019 in Estonia to connect the freelancing workforce from Middle Eastern, East European, and West Asian countries to the international IT market. 

So many other platforms had done the same in the freelancing industry before us. Still, because of regional and political obstacles in these areas, these specific freelancers did not have a chance to enter the competition. 

But why Middle East and Western Asia and Eastern Europe? What makes them different from other parts of the world, and why not just go with the usual Far East freelancers and freelancers from India? 

One the employee side of freelancing industry, three factors affect hiring a freelancer:
  1. Acceptable rates
  2. English language communication skills
  3. Time zone difference

As specialists in HR and talent acquisition, by analyzing numerous employers’, we learned that the companies that had managed to work with talents from these countries were happy to work with them. They specifically mentioned that these talents delivered a high-quality product with highly competitive rates. 

But the lower rates do not mean low-quality delivery. Middle Eastern and West Asian countries have high inflation rates. Their currencies are constantly devalued, and the workforce is trapped inside the country because of the sanctions and other restrictions. 

But this situation can become profitable for both foreign IT employers and freelancers.

To satisfy the English language communication factor, freelancers in our platform need to pass an English language efficiency test. This factor is significant for us to make sure both sides can communicate effectively and clearly. 

And the third factor is time zone management. We believe the time zone differences in these areas can be more manageable than Far East Asian countries and with proper time zone management skills.

On the other side of the freelancing industry, freelancers have five employer proposition:
  1. Fair pay
  2. Proper invoice and payment terms
  3. Endorsement
  4. Challenging and meaningful work
  5. Comfortable working environment

We at WINaTALENT try to align employee factors with the freelancer values and provide the perfect conditions for both sides.

How to Use WINaTALENT if You Are Looking for Individuals to Get a Job Done?

In WINaTALENT’s talent pool, we have specialists in web and software development, app development, SEO, digital marketing, and more. 

After signing up, if you post a job as a client on the platform for free, you can receive proposals from the talents we have thoroughly vetted language and skill-wise, and then, choose someone after examining their rates and reviews. 

That’s why it is mandatory in WINaTALENT to have both the clients and freelancers rate and review each other.

Please read our article about The importance of Client Reviews for Freelancers.

We try to make hiring or rehiring a freelancer from WINaTALENT as solid as possible. We recommend the following steps below so you can win a talent rather than having a leap of faith:

Step 1: Identification

In any work-related situation, problem identification is the key to problem-solving, whether general management and strategic problems or an insufficiency around your job. With clear identification of the obstacles, you build a base for problem-solving.

Step 2: Information

Before making a decision:

  1. Collect the necessary information.
  2. Read about freelancing and how to approach it.
  3. Have conversations to find out the exact skill set you would need.
  4. Purify the collected data by assessing how many hours and specific skills you need and how much you can pay for it. 
Step 3: Purification

While gathering information, you identify several possible paths of action. Consider how much time you have for finding, talking, and categorizing different freelancers. Freelancers are very communicative, therefore making a distinct decision happens when you purify your gathered data.

Step 4: Evaluation

Evaluate the needs in the identification step. Consider each alternative and see how it resolves through each choice. Use your imagination to achieve this step; therefore, you can identify the higher potential option.

Step 5:Consideration

In this stage, we recommend listing the pros and cons of your options and consider them as carefully as possible.

Step 6: Action & review

Last but not least, it’s time to take action based on the alternative you have chosen. Chart the consequences of your actions and take the needed time. Evaluate whether or not you made the right choices throughout the previous decision-making steps. 

While Choosing a Freelancer Platform, It Is Only Natural to Think About the Payment Methods and How the Platform Will Settle Disputes.

The payment method on WINaTALENT is done with an escrow account method. With this method, we want to make sure the freelancer receives their payment entirely, and the clients can make sure their project is done thoroughly and successfully. 

WINaTALENT extracts the commission from the amount clients’ deposited in the escrow account before transferring the payment to the freelancer. 

WINaTALENT also has a BYOC plan, which stands for “Bring Your Own Client.” 

In this plan, freelancers who already have their own clients can invite them to the platform. With BYOC, the commission fee is reduced to 5%. 

According to the WINaTALENT FAQ, if a dispute occurs between the freelancer and the client, we suggest both parties negotiate and find a solution. Otherwise, you can inform WINaTALENT about your claim, and we will start the claim management process. According to discussions and the conversations cited on the platform, WINaTALENT gives the final verdict. Please pay attention to the fact that WINaTALENT is a platform that connects clients to talented freelancers. The platform doesn’t have any responsibility for the final results of a project.

WINaTALENT and App Development

The appetite for app development is overgrowing. 

According to App Annie, the worldwide app downloads will reach 258 billion by 2022; that’s precisely why many startups strive to enter the freelancing industry. 

WINaTALENT also wants to be a part of your app development journey. Therefore, in our talent pool, you can find the freelancers you need to design, build, and launch your app

From the beginning, our goal and mission have been building bridges between the ones looking for talents and the talents who need to be recognized and be a part of the global software problem-solving cycle. 

It is our privilege to have you beside us. 

Let’s get to know each other!

Sign up and become a part of the freelancing industry hip new name as a talent or a talent seeker.

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  1. A wonderful comprehensive post!
    What are your rates for software development and digital marketing?
    And, how much it varies from country to country in MENA?

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