What is a Good Job Description

What Is a Good Project Description?

As a client who wants to hire a freelancer, you need to write a project description for your freelancer. And there are certain dos and don’ts you need to consider while writing a project description.

What Is a Job Description?

A job description is a detailed document that clients need to write in order to post a job on WINaTALENT.

What should you include in your job description? (The Dos!)

Try to choose a catchy job title

Your job title is a first impression for freelancers. The title should be relatable to the job and it needs to be catchy enough so the freelancers want to go through the description.

The job description needs to be as detailed as possible. But the information you are putting in it should all be worthwhile. 

The description should be perfectly clear and grammatically correct

In your detailed description, include:

  • Task description: Describe the tasks, duties, project flow, workflow and implementation.  
  • Budget: You need to have a convincing budget and set it clearly.
  • Project deadlines: The deadlines and the starting dates should be in the description.
  • Milestones: Each milestone and project phase should be available in the job description. 
  • Requirements: Project and its technical requirements. 
  • Qualifications: Hard and soft required skills and time-zone requirements. 
  • Keep the job description short: Nobody has time to read a lengthy report. Keep the description detailed, but keep a word limit.  
What shouldn’t you include in your job description? (The Don’ts!)

The platform detects spam or inappropriate job descriptions. 

But there are details you should not include in the job description as well. 

  • Personal information: Do not include any personal information such as contact information, marital status, photographs, bank account numbers, or social media handles.
  • Freelancers’ rates: It is not proper to include the freelancers’ rate on the job description. The freelancers want to see the clients’ detailed budgets, not their own rates.
  • Inappropriate language: Don’t use curse words and phrases and inappropriate languages such as mocking tones or insulting manners. 

The description should help the freelancers understand what they must do to fulfill your requirements. 

Also, the freelancers need to see if the working relationship is interesting and that the job is challenging enough.

What to do when you want to upload a project or job description on WINaTALENT?

After signing up as a client –using this landing– you enter your dashboard. In the project section, click on Create new project. Write your job title and the required English proficiency level for the person you want to hire. Then, enter your detailed project or job description in the Duties segment.

create new project dashboard

A good and acceptable job description example:

Title: Write a catchy and engaging title.

English proficiency: You can use TrackTest to specify the English proficiency you need.


  • Task description:

Describe what is known about the job and what needs to be done, and the deliverables outcomes. Provide any information known about related activities.

Don’t forget to mention test tasks and rework tasks. Describe any documentation, testing, or training that will occur as part of this task. 


We are looking for a qualified application developer to design and code functional programs and applications.

The person we have in mind is going to work as part of a team and individually with little supervision.

The candidate needs to have excellent knowledge of at least one programming language (like React Native or Swift). 

We need someone who is familiar with a variety of operating systems (such as Linux or macOS) and platforms (mobile or mac). 

The ideal candidate will also have an analytical mindset and a keen eye for detail.

The goal is to write “clean” and flawless code to produce fully functional software applications according to requirements.

  • Resources Required: 

Describe the people, facilities, materials, and equipment known to be required to do the work. Be specific about the skills needed, even if you are not sure who will do the job.


  1. Proven experience as an application developer
  2. Experience in designing and building applications
  3. Ability to program in C#, Java (J2EE), etc.
  4. In-depth knowledge of programming for diverse operating systems (Android or iOS) and platforms (mobile platform) using development tools
  5. Excellent understanding of software design and programming principles (SRP, OCP, etc.)
  6. A team player with excellent communication skills
  7. Analytical thinking and problem-solving capability
  8. Great attention to detail and time-management skills
  9. BSc/BA in computer science or relevant field; MSc/MA will be appreciated
  10. A certified application developer is a plus
  • List the product(s):

List the specific products. Consider adding a sample of what you want if you have one or a reference to a model.


This project will be a hybrid, social networking app, which works both on Android and iOS.

There should be a wireframe for the design and an MVP to test the product.

  • Completion Criteria:

What conditions must be available to mark this task as complete?

Be clear and unambiguous. Describe the completion of a job so that it interlocks with its successors. 


If the task builds an app and a review task will follow, the completion criteria might be something like this:

The task will be completed when the basic requirements are met and get translated into new application features. 

The individual needs to collaborate with the development team and other IT staff to set specifications for new applications. 

The goal is to write a high-quality code to program applications on schedule. 

  • Estimates: 

Classify the effort (number of person-hours by skill) and approximate duration (number of workdays) required to complete the task.

It is prudent to count a full-time person as 5-6 person-hours per day. A part-time person counts as 2-3 person-hours per day. 

Be specific about your assumptions concerning people’s availability. 


Alarm for the first of 8 pairs expected to require 24 hours of design effort (4 hours for a senior engineer & 20 hours for a junior engineer), other pairs should be knocked offs of the first and require no senior time (4 hours each).

Identify costs associated with the task, estimates related to the expenses, and categorize your budget for each part of the project.

  •  Assumptions:

Document all the assumptions you made about this task, including beliefs about the job’s size and complexity and what those assumptions are based-upon. These assumptions should be about the skill levels of people working on the task, the number of review cycles that will be needed, etc. 

We recommend you read about the WINaTALENT’s project estimation to make your estimations as precise as possible. 

As you can see, writing a project description for WINaTALENT is very easy. You can also count on the 24/7 availability of our team to help you write the perfect job description to attract the top candidates for your project.
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  1. I once wrote a good, narrow project description on Upwork, which helped me to attract developers who were skilled right for my company.

    But, they were really expensive, and we couldn’t afford them because we operate in the Middle East and we can’t dedicate enough budget for experts from Europe usually.

    Now I want to try your platform to check if I can find suitable programmers with less fee.

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