Who is a Project Manager

Why Do You Need a Project Manager for Your App Development Project?

As we discussed before, in Hire a Freelancer, Launch Your App: WINaTALENT Edition, you need 5 to 6 people to develop your app. Nevertheless creating an app or any software project can become a lot more challenging than it seems. The critical role we are going to discuss in this post is the project manager.

Who Is a Project Manager?

Regardless of the industry, a project manager is a professional person responsible for planning, appropriation, and achievement in any task with a determined scope: the PM defines a beginning and an end for the project. 

In any project, the project manager (or the PM) is responsible for designing and following a strategic roadmap to ensure the project is done according to the client’s budget and time-frame. 

The PM is responsible for communication between the client and the development team to maximize productivity, minimize failure risks, and resolve any issues that might come up.

So Why Do You Need a Project Manager for Your App Development?

To put it shortly, in app development, a PM is responsible for:

  1. Commitment to the schedule and budget 
  2. Communication with the technical team and managing and coaching them
  3. Planning different stages of development
  4. Solving any problem that might happen during the development stages
  5. Managing maintenance and support

Let’s go through different stages of development and see what you can expect from your project manager:

Planning and Discovery

A project manager’s primary responsibility is to help the client plan the development project for successful product delivery.

The PM needs to find the perfect communication tool to connect the client and the development team.

Likewise, building a detailed budget estimation is one of his responsibilities at the beginning of the project.

The project manager needs to detect the project’s risks, consider them and keep them in mind to include solutions for the probable dangers. 

They also need to involve changing development conditions in their planning.


The project manager’s primary responsibility in the development stage is coaching and guiding the development team according to the project’s schedule and budget.

This role has two sides: The client side and the development team side.

  • Client side:

The project manager needs to help the client understand what is going on in the development stages. 

The PM needs to detect and solve any problems that might resolve these issues according to the client’s vision. They need to report team evaluations regularly to the client. 

Therefore, the testing results need to be discussed with the client to guide the project in the desired direction. 

The client needs to expect regular feedback from the PM concerning the testing process of the product.

  • Development team side:

To minimize risks and maximize quality, the project manager should prioritize the team coaching and guiding processes. They should set up regular meetings and manage the development team.

Furthermore, the project manager is responsible for the deliverables control. According to the schedule and the project’s roadmap and milestones, the development team needs to release wireframes and MVPs.

Tracking and monitoring the development process helps the project manager to resolve any development issues that may arise. 


The project manager is responsible for the monitoring of development and release stages. They need to make sure the app is working consistently and develop a stable backup routine.

The final project report is based on the environmental specification of the map and the implementation features. Plus, they need to include strategic app support recommendations and ideas for future improvements. 

Post Release

After the release, the project manager turns into a business partner. They care about your app’s success and try their best to boost your business performance. 

Moreover, they monitor your app functionality and ensure app stability and suggest improvement based on technical performance and app industry antiques to help you maintain your app both on the performance side and business side.

The PM is a power player in your development team. It is a person you can rely on in every stage of your journey; from planning and negotiating to maintain your service. 

For these reasons, we at WINaTALENT assign a full-time project manager to your app or software development project. 

You can rely on us to cover all your requirements when it comes to app or software development. 

Become our client today and let us be a part of your journey to develop a successful app. 

We have you all covered.

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  1. A project manager for an app development project is an easy approach to make your work easy and less time-consuming as the project manager will always give you valuable feedback on your work which will make you make lesser mistakes next time. It will also help you in building more suggestion-oriented software as you can use your project manager’s suggestions to build software with fewer errors and mistakes. Thank you for listing it together and sharing this information with us through this article.

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