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What is BYOC?

BYOC (or Bring Your Own Client ) is one of the newest trends in freelancing platforms and WINaTALENT’s latest service.

This service is an opportunity for freelancers to invite their clients to the platform via their exclusive invite link. With this method, clients can define an exclusive project for the freelancer and other freelancers cannot bid on that project.

One of the common obstacles every freelancer confronts at least once in their career is that clients order a project and when the project is done and ready, the client just disappears without making any payments. 

In these situations, the freelancer is left with a finished project which is practically unusable for anybody else, and no payment for a finished job. 

By using the BYOC option, the whole project fee will be transferred to WINaTALENT’s account, therefore, the freelancer’s payment will be safe. 

Also, communication and dividing the project into smaller components (like defining milestones and deadlines) takes place in the platform. So, clients can closely monitor the project’s process.

Another advantage of BYOC on WINaTALENT is that with this service after the freelancer invites each client to the platform, their first exclusive project with that client will only have a commission fee of 10% instead of 25% (which is the commission fee for regular projects).

Some of the Advantages of BYOC Are:

  • Feasibility of a secure payment method
  • Payment guarantee
  • Using other services on the platform, such as milestone definition and deadline setting
  • Reduction of the commission fee to 10% instead of 25%

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  1. Use this link to enter your profile. (if you haven’t signed up yet, use the link to sign up now!)
freelancer sign up/log in

2. After entering your profile, click on your Dashboard and click on Copy Invite Link. Then, send the link to your client.

copy invite link

3. The client can define an exclusive project for you via the link you sent them.

Ready to use our BYOC service? Sign-up and Bring Your Own Client!

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