payment method on winatelent

Payment Method on WINaTALENT

The following post describes the payment methods on the platform.

Payment on WINaTALENT

While clients want to offer a job to a freelancer, they need to provide vivid information about the milestones and the project’s total amount of completion fee.

Then, to set their requirements, clients need to pay off the project fee to the platform entirely.

It’s only after that that the application becomes visible.

The reason behind our policy is that we want to assure every freelancer of their safe payment.

Clients can make sure this payment stays on the platform’s escrow account. Whenever the client announces the success of a milestone’s completion, the platform will release that milestone’s payment and transfer it to the freelancer’s account.

In WINaTALENT, we put our customers’ trust first, so we try to make payments as easy and safe as possible.

Commission of WINaTALENT

It’s important to mention that before transferring the payment, WINaTALENT extracts its commission from the deposit.

The clients can add more milestones after they start a job with a specific freelancer. Therefore, clients need to go to the payment page and pay for the new milestone they set for the job.

The milestone will also get added to the freelancer’s profile in the “jobs” section.

This escrow account gives both the client and the freelancer the guarantee they need about the payment system. Clients can make sure their money stays deposited until they confirm the successful completion of a milestone, and on the other hand, freelancers can make sure their payment is in a safe place.

BYOC (Bring Your Own Client) service on WINaTALENT

The freelancers who already have their clients and would like to use our platform can use the BYOC (Bring Your Own Client) service.

In this case, freelancers can use the introduction link on their profile to invite their clients to our platform.

With this method, the client has the opportunity to introduce a private project for the freelancer and other freelancers can’t bid on that project.

Learn more about BYOC on WINaTALENT.

In the case of BYOCs, the platform’s commission fee will get reduced to 10% of the project fee.

WINaTALENT is a freelance platform that offers software estimation and developer renting services as well.

You can entrust us with your IT projects and we will develop them from the very beginning until the end.

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