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Extend your team by renting programmers. Save on taxes and overheads of hiring on your own.

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WINaTALENT Developer Rental Service
win a talent rental service

Hire programmers as long as you need them in your project

From 1000-2500 Euros/month, full time

YOU Buy a Service

YOU sign a monthly service contract with us

YOU Choose

YOU interview, test, and hire from our shortlist

YOU Manage Work

YOU manage all the work-related matters with your team

WE Search

WE search among our talent pool based on your requirements

WE Prepare Shortlist

WE handle the preliminary interviews and prepare a shortlist

WE Hire

WE take care of everything regarding hiring and signing contracts

How Does It Work?

win a talent

“Describe the role and give details about your ideal developers.”

win a talent

“Review the shortlist for your position.”

win a talent

“Talk with candidates and do your own vetting process.”

win a talent

“Pay for our monthly service and start working with full-time programmers.”

win a talent

“Receive monthly reports about the HR management of your developers.”


win a talent agent

Your Agent: Mahsa