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We offer affordable rates to connect you with pre-vetted WordPress experts. Review profiles and find your match based on project needs and budget.

WordPress expert Rates

The average rate of a WordPress expert talent in WINaTALENT is 9 Euro/hour.





4 / hour

9 / hour

Per hour




5 / hour

14 / hour

Per hour




8 / hour

24 / hour

Per hour

How to hire WordPress expert through WINaTALENT

Talk to One of Our Tech Rectuiters
Talk to One of Our Tech Rectuiters

One of WINaTALENT's tech recruiters will have a meeting with you to understand your technical and cultural needs.

Review Our Hand-Selected Shortlist
Review Our Hand-Selected Shortlist

Withing days, we'll send you 1-3 hand-selected shortlists for your requirement.

Start working with your new talent
Start working with your new talent

Work with your talent and use our Escrow account to pay only when the work is delivered


We Search
We Search

We search among our talent pool based on your requirements

We Shortlist
We Shortlist

We tailor a shortlist based on your requirements

You Hire
You Hire

You can directly interview and hire your ideal candidate

Hear From Our Clients

Ehsan Shariati

Functionland (Toronto, ON, Canada)

We used Winatalent for our react-native project at Functionland, and really happy that I gave it a try. We had used Upwork and Freelancer with 4 unsuccessful attempts for the same project before turning to Winatalent. The level of expertise we received from the developer was much higher than what we got from other platforms for the same amount of money. Moreover, the personalized support we received from their team during the process was invaluable. I extremely recommend using Winatalent and will definitely use it for my future projects.


Elias Shahi

Gram Games / Zynga (Istanbul, Turkey)

I am really impressed by the quality of services I received from WINaTALENT. They were right on schedule, charged reasonable prices, were professional and courteous in dealings, and delivered items well before time. Their pipeline was so smooth and simple so that everyone with any level of knowledge can be their client no matter what the project is.


Mehrsa Raeiszadeh


WINaTALENT platform helped us with hiring a remote UI/UX designer to join our startup in Canada, and we could find a very hard-working and very dedicated candidate from the shortlist they provided for us. It’s been a few months now that we're working with winatalent and they've been able to handle our financial transactions and payments to the talent without any problems. Also, their customer success team is very professional and responsive and I'm sure anyone working with them will be in great hands! Highly recommended.


Behzad Bani

Setflow (Italy)

I've been using Winatalent for quite some time, and it has truly been a game-changer.  The team behind it is remarkably committed and professional, providing support throughout the entire hiring process.  They swiftly handle any challenges, always ensuring an efficient, smooth experience. The most impressive aspect, however, is the quality of talent available.  The platform is filled with skilled individuals ready to make a difference in your team.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What is so different about WINaTALENT talents?
A: We have gathered over 30,000 verified talents in our talent pool. These individuals offer more than just expertise and competitive rates; they are experienced problem solvers and challenge takers. In our talent acquisition process, we've specifically curated this group of talents. For more information, please visit our About Us page.
Q:What are the steps to hire WordPress expert From WINaTALENT?
A:When you begin hiring through WINaTALENT, you’ll work with a tech recruiter to identify your technical and non-technical requirements. Within approximately seven days, we will provide you with a shortlist of handpicked talents that you can evaluate and interview. We will continue shortlisting until you find the right talent
Q:How much does it take to hire WordPress expert From WINaTALENT?
A:You’ll receive the first set of shortlisted talents (between 1-3 profiles) in about 7 days. If none of them are the right match, we’ll keep the shortlisting process until you find the ideal talent.
Q:How is hiring WordPress expert From WINaTAENT a no-risk process?
A:When you hire WordPress expert From WINaTALENT, you pay into WINaTALENT’s Escrow account for your milestones with the talent. You only release funds for a milestone once it has been fully delivered.
Q:Does WINaTALENT handles the payments to the talent?
A:Yes, you make all your payments to WINaTALENT. Once a milestone is completed and you release the funds, they will be transferred to the talent's wallet.


The Soaring Popularity of WordPress 

WordPress remains the world's most popular content management system, now powering over 43.1% of all websites as of January 2024, according to W3Techs. With a 63.1% market share of all CMSs, WordPress continues to see massive growth and demand for skilled talent.

Industry analyst WordPress projects over 50% year-over-year increase in WordPress developer jobs. An estimated 15,000+ new WordPress roles will emerge in the US alone by 2025.

The demand for individuals with expertise in e-commerce, security, and custom plugins is high. Overall, WordPress skills provide flexible career paths across tech occupations.

In light of this popularity, do you wonder how to learn WordPress?

WordPress Developer Salaries

WordPress developer salaries are rising quickly, given the talent shortage. While specific compensation depends on location and abilities, most WordPress experts see strong earning potential.


WordPress Developer Salary Per Mont

Senior WordPress Developer Salary Per Month

Senior WordPress developers with 5+ years of experience can earn an average salary from $5,000 to $10,000 monthly. Those working at top tech companies or in high-cost-of-living cities can reach as high as $15,000 per month.

Junior WordPress Developer Salary Per Month

Junior or entry-level WordPress developers with 1-3 years of experience earn an average of $2,500 to $4,000 monthly. Recent coding boot camp graduates sometimes start closer to $2,000 per month.

The salary range for both senior and junior talent depends on factors like location, company size, industry, technical skills, and years of proven WordPress expertise. Developers with in-demand abilities like PHP, JavaScript, e-commerce integration, security, and performance optimization earn towards the higher ends of these monthly salary ranges.

Hourly Rates

Freelancers charge $40-$150+ per hour based on skills and experience. Staff roles range from $50 per hour for beginners to $85+ hourly for senior talent.

Annual Salaries

The average entry-level WordPress developer salary in the US ranges from $60,000 to $100,000+, according to multiple sources like ComputerCareers, PayScale, and Salary.com.


  • Mid-level WordPress developers earn $75,000 to $125,000+ annually. 
  • Senior talent and leads make anywhere from $80,000 to $160,000+ yearly.

Tech hubs tend to pay 20-30% above national averages. With demand rising, skilled WordPress professionals should see bright prospects.

Finding Affordable WordPress Talent

How to hire a WordPress developer? "There is an important question that needs to be answered here.

Freelance marketplaces like WINaTALENT connect companies with quality, affordable WordPress talent available for hire. Doing that lets you preview developers' experience and skills before hiring them.

You can easily ask for  WordPress freelancers based on project needs - like site building, customization, e-commerce, security, etc. 

Freelancers set hourly or project-based rates for WordPress work, starting as low as €5 per hour.

WINaTALENT finds cost-effective WordPress talent fast and efficiently.

Browse pre-vetted WordPress freelancer profiles and connect with qualified candidates within days, saving considerable time and money compared to traditional hiring. 

Whether you need help with site development, custom plugins, e-commerce integration, or maintenance, you can quickly scale your team with top global talent.