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If you want to find top-quality PHP developers for your team, WINaTALENT is the talent marketplace for you. We connect you to PHP coders who build and optimize robust web applications using our pre-vetted network. Hire PHP developers with confidence through Winatalent. Using our platform to find the right talent can save you time, money, and effort.


We Search
We Search

We search among our talent pool based on your requirements

We Shortlist
We Shortlist

We tailor a shortlist based on your requirements

You Hire
You Hire

You can directly interview and hire your ideal candidate

Hear From Our Clients

Ehsan Shariati

Functionland (Toronto, ON, Canada)

We used Winatalent for our react-native project at Functionland, and really happy that I gave it a try. We had used Upwork and Freelancer with 4 unsuccessful attempts for the same project before turning to Winatalent. The level of expertise we received from the developer was much higher than what we got from other platforms for the same amount of money. Moreover, the personalized support we received from their team during the process was invaluable. I extremely recommend using Winatalent and will definitely use it for my future projects.


Elias Shahi

Gram Games / Zynga (Istanbul, Turkey)

I am really impressed by the quality of services I received from WINaTALENT. They were right on schedule, charged reasonable prices, were professional and courteous in dealings, and delivered items well before time. Their pipeline was so smooth and simple so that everyone with any level of knowledge can be their client no matter what the project is.


Mehrsa Raeiszadeh


WINaTALENT platform helped us with hiring a remote UI/UX designer to join our startup in Canada, and we could find a very hard-working and very dedicated candidate from the shortlist they provided for us. It’s been a few months now that we're working with winatalent and they've been able to handle our financial transactions and payments to the talent without any problems. Also, their customer success team is very professional and responsive and I'm sure anyone working with them will be in great hands! Highly recommended.


Behzad Bani

Setflow (Italy)

I've been using Winatalent for quite some time, and it has truly been a game-changer.  The team behind it is remarkably committed and professional, providing support throughout the entire hiring process.  They swiftly handle any challenges, always ensuring an efficient, smooth experience. The most impressive aspect, however, is the quality of talent available.  The platform is filled with skilled individuals ready to make a difference in your team.


How to hire PHP Developers through WINaTALENT

Talk to One of Our Tech Rectuiters
Talk to One of Our Tech Rectuiters

One of WINaTALENT's tech recruiters will have a meeting with you to understand your technical and cultural needs.

Review Our Hand-Selected Shortlist
Review Our Hand-Selected Shortlist

Withing days, we'll send you 1-3 hand-selected shortlists for your requirement.

Start working with your new talent
Start working with your new talent

Work with your talent and use our Escrow account to pay only when the work is delivered

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What is so different about WINaTALENT talents?
A: We have gathered over 30,000 verified talents in our talent pool. These individuals offer more than just expertise and competitive rates; they are experienced problem solvers and challenge takers. In our talent acquisition process, we've specifically curated this group of talents. For more information, please visit our About Us page.
Q:What are the steps to hire PHP Developers From WINaTALENT?
A:When you begin hiring through WINaTALENT, you’ll work with a tech recruiter to identify your technical and non-technical requirements. Within approximately seven days, we will provide you with a shortlist of handpicked talents that you can evaluate and interview. We will continue shortlisting until you find the right talent
Q:How much does it take to hire PHP Developers From WINaTALENT?
A:You’ll receive the first set of shortlisted talents (between 1-3 profiles) in about 7 days. If none of them are the right match, we’ll keep the shortlisting process until you find the ideal talent.
Q:How is hiring PHP Developers From WINaTAENT a no-risk process?
A:When you hire PHP Developers From WINaTALENT, you pay into WINaTALENT’s Escrow account for your milestones with the talent. You only release funds for a milestone once it has been fully delivered.
Q:Does WINaTALENT handles the payments to the talent?
A:Yes, you make all your payments to WINaTALENT. Once a milestone is completed and you release the funds, they will be transferred to the talent's wallet.

Hiring PHP developers

A PHP developer is a software engineer who specializes in the development of websites and applications using the PHP programming language. They are responsible for writing and testing code, debugging programs, and integrating applications with third-party web services.

When looking to expand your PHP development team, there are a few critical skills and experiences to look for when evaluating candidates:

  • Core PHP expertise

Your ideal candidate should know PHP syntax, constructs, and functions. Look for hands-on experience with server-side programming concepts like sessions, cookies, form validation, caching, security best practices, etc.

Strong object-oriented PHP programming skills are essential. Have candidates walk through sample projects to assess their approach to modeling data, dividing logic, and organizing code.

  • Framework experience

Full-stack developers will be well-versed in popular PHP frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, and CodeIgniter. See if they can speak to real-world use cases and examples.

Modern frontend JavaScript framework experience like React, Vue, and Node.js is also valuable for full-stack roles.

  • Database and API skills

PHP developers should be comfortable integrating APIs and working with databases like MySQL, MongoDB, and Postgres. Knowledgeable of concepts like migrations, CRUD operations, and performance optimization.

  • Deployment and testing

Experience with hosting platforms like AWS, deployment strategies, CI/CD pipelines, unit testing frameworks, and debugging tools will allow them to translate code into shippable products.

  • Communication and Collaboration

It's also important to evaluate soft skills, like developer communication skills and cross-functional collaboration.

Hiring a PHP application developer

When hiring a PHP application developer, it is critical to assess both their core language proficiency and hands-on expertise in applying PHP to real-world apps. Look for candidates with 3+ years' experience building and launching applications using object-oriented programming, mainstream frameworks like Laravel, and integration with databases and third-party APIs.

The ideal developer will have strong technical fundamentals in areas like authentication, caching, and security, along with practical expertise in testing, debugging, deployment, and optimization. They should be able to demonstrate abilities to take concepts from design to shipped products efficiently using modern tools and frameworks. Communication skills are equally crucial to collaborating cross-functionally.

In summary, the focus should be on both theoretical and practical PHP skills that translate directly into building, enhancing, and maintaining your applications.

Offshore PHP development

For dedicated teams, larger offshore PHP development firms can provide resources under experienced technical leadership. Freelance PHP developers provide more flexibility to short-term projects.

Be very selective during the vetting process. Use paid trial periods to evaluate skills firsthand. Clearly outline project timelines, milestones, and technical requirements.

Tools like WINaTALENT simplify engaging high-quality, pre-vetted PHP developers globally. Their built-in collaboration features streamline offshore talent work.

It's critical to hire dedicated PHP developers with hands-on experience and expertise aligned with your stack.

Step 1: Define Your PHP Needs

  • Determine the scope and technical requirements for your PHP project
  • Identify must-have PHP skills, experience levels, and engagement models
  • Outline your timeline, budget, and resources available

Step 2: Browse PHP Developer Profiles

  • Search Winatalent's pre-vetted PHP developer profiles by skills and experience
  • Review detailed profiles highlighting capabilities, past work, and reviews
  • Shortlist profiles aligned with your PHP development needs

Step 3: Connect and Interview

  • Reach out to shortlisted developers to introduce your opportunity
  • Hold intro calls and technical interviews to confirm fit
  • Evaluate their PHP knowledge and approach further

Step 4: Hire Your Selected Developer

  • Use WINaTALENT's hiring tools and support to onboard
  • Get help with contracts, paperwork, and onboarding activities

Step 5: Launch and Manage Project

  • Use WINaTALENT to set milestones, requirements, schedules
  • Enable smooth collaboration and delivery through support
  • Provide feedback after project completion

Find Your PHP Dream Team with  WINaTALENT

With WINaTALENT, you can find pre-vetted freelancers and full-time PHP developers that fit your needs. 

Get more information about WINaTALENT 's tools and services to help you hire, onboard, manage, and pay PHP developers. Learn more about how WINaTALENT can help you find the top PHP developer for your project.